Having A Cult Following Doesn't Make It A Cult

Having A Cult Following Doesn't Make It A Cult

The gents over at The Round the World Guys YouTube channel travel the world and share their adventures with all those who want to watch.  Michael, Halef, and their trusty German Shepherd, Kana, recently took their sprinter van to Texas and explored Austin and its vicinity.  

They mentioned that many people recommended that they check out Buc-ee's.  They decided to heed this advice and availed themselves to an opportunity during their Austin trip.  To do this they travel just under an hour to the southwest of the city to New Braunfels, which is home to the world record holder of the world's largest convenience store.  Coming in at a whooping 66,335 square feet, Michael and Halef chose the perfect Buc-ee's to visit.  As you can see in their video below, they say that it's the largest convenience store in Texas, which is technically correct.  They just didn't realize that the scope of the superlative includes the entire world as well.

Here are some highlights of their reaction:

  • They wonder if Buc-ee's is a Texas cult.  It's not.  Just because the chain has a cult following, doesn't make it a cult.  However, its rabid following is well deserved.
  • The New Braunfels store is massive.  In fact, Halef mentions that he lost Michael while they were wandering the store.  Fortunately, they were reunited.
  • The store was really clean.  Of course, they didn't miss the fact that the bathrooms are super clean, too.  They promised that they weren't being creepy by recording footage in the potty.  LOL!  There's likely enough footage and pictures for the world now.  Of note, that particular location has a lighting system for the toilet stalls.  A stall with a red light is occupied while a green light means that it's available for use.
  • As we've mentioned in our blog post about descriptors, Michael and Halef had trouble labeling the place.  Is it a grocery store?  How about a convenience store?  Or is it a gas station?  All will suffice.
  • There's soooo much jerky.  Y'all can snag some here at Texas Snax; we'll even ship it to your place.  It's not only human approved.  Dogs approve it as well.
  • The brisket sandwiches are worth risking it for.
  • There's even a dog toy section!  Fill out our request items form if your pooch is a beaver believer.
  • They decided to get some Beaver Nuggets as they've heard they taste like cereal.
  • Buc-ee's has good diesel prices for their sprinter van.
  • Buc-ee pays his frontline employees well.  Much more than when Michael worked at a convenience store.
  • Buc-ee -- the beaver, the myth, the legend -- was even there for a photo op and high-fives as well as for questioning if hugging beavers outside of your household is wise during a pandemic.
  • Y'all could spend an entire day there.  Who wouldn't want to?

Michael and Halef are making us jealous.  YouTube videos are dandy and all, but it's not like experiencing something first hand.  We here at Texas Snax have your back.  We'll help you survive between your in-person visits.

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