Buc-ee's Is More Than A Gas Station

When it comes to Buc-ee's, many talk about the gas pumps, car washes, and exquisitely clean bathrooms. These are three core components of gas stations or, known by another term, convenience stores.  Fortunately, our favorite beaver excels at these traits, but his stores do far more.

As we've scoured the internet for various descriptors about our favorite spot. The internet didn't fail us. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Vegetarian Friendly - Yes, you read that correctly, and this is according to Trip Advisor. Buc-ee's with all of his BBQ, brisket, and jerky is a place that vegetarians can find plenty to eat. As we've noted before this is a big tent kind of place. Despite being a place for meat lovers, there's plenty of fresh fruit and veggies that people can buy and enjoy. We were thrilled to learn on the Vegan Gluten Scanner website that Beaver Nuggets are not only vegetarian but gluten free as well. There are even vegan options at the stores. Yippee!
  • An Experience - ClickOrlando is excited for the opening of the Daytona Beach, Florida area Buc-ee's in St. Augustine. It opened this month -- February 22, 2021. In this news story, they featured a BC (Before COVID) video of the groundbreaking for the location. In it dignitaries gushed about how this wasn't about a gas station. It is an experience. They're correct; it's a visit to a place with a mascot (who sometimes shows up -- just like at a theme park) and a well deserved cult following.
  • Mini-Mall - That's one of the many ways a Thrillist article describes Buc-ee's. We're not so sure about the "mini" part, but we get the point. Malls are full of all sorts of stuff -- just like Buc-ee's. It has all sorts of tchotchkes. Our favorite place even has a food court of sorts with all sorts of offerings like: kolaches, BBQ, pudding, jerky, and candy galore. In fact, y'all can order the jerky and candy from us here at Texas Snax. 
  • World Record Holder - As we've mentioned before, Buc-ee's is a world record holder in at least two categories. At a whopping 66,335 square feet, the New Braunfels location is the largest convenience store in the world. Further, coming in at 255 feet long of conveyor, the Katy store has the longest car wash. Everything is bigger in Texas. 

We've seen a lot of more endearing terms. We're sure that this partial list will certainly grow. Good thing y'all don't have to be near one of these bits of heaven to partake.

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