Nuggets, Nug-ees, and All Things Buc-ees!

There is only one thing that may be more important for a successful road trip than the playlist and that is the snacks and in Texas, there is truly one snack that rules them all: Buc ee's beaver nuggets.

We love Beaver Nuggets, you love Beaver Nuggets. These are probably the secret sauce to Buc-ee's amazing growth - it's that magic thing that keeps us all coming back for more. Fun fact, 80% of people who send us shopping to Buc-ee's have Buc ee's nuggets on their shopping list!

There are so many varieties of Buc ee's beaver nuggets

Have you been to a Buc-ee's lately? They have really stepped up their Nugget game. You can get Beaver Nuggets covered in chocolate, a savory cheesy version of Buc-ee's Nug-ees, scrumptious sea salted caramel, sharp white cheddar... the options are almost overwhelming and each one is totally delicious. Beaver Nuggets have their sweet, smooth caramel-like coating, but the slightly salty crunch on the inside evens out the scales.

Order your best Buc ee's snacks with Texas Snax

Basically, if you haven't had a bag of Beaver Nuggets in a while, this is your chance to have a bag delivered straight to your door. In all, there are about ten varieties of Nuggets, which fall into two groups: Beaver Nuggets and Corn Nuggets. On the Beaver Nuggets (that taste like the "crunchy pancakes" there's original, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sea salt, sea salt caramel, and cinnamon. Then on the corn nuggets side, you've got Chile Limon and good ol' Toasted. Then um, there's Nuggets Bubble Gum.

We make enjoying Beaver Nuggets super easy. Simply place your order with us, we will head down to Buc ee's and ship out your order… often on the same day! Meaning wherever you are in Texas, the US, or even across the globe you can tuck into your favorite Buc ee's beaver nuggets.