Nuggets & Nug-ees

BEAVER NUGGETS! We love Beaver Nuggets, you love Beaver Nuggets. These are probably the secret sauce to Buc-ee's amazing growth - it's that magic thing keeps us all coming back for more. Fun fact, 80% of people who send us shopping to Buc-ee's have Beaver Nuggets on their shopping list!

In all, there are about ten varieties of Nuggets, which fall into two groups: Beaver Nuggets and Corn Nuggets. On the Beaver Nuggets (that taste like the "crunchy pancakes" there's original, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sea salt, sea salt caramel, and cinnamon. Then on the corn nuggets side, you've got Chile Limon and good ol' Toasted. Then um, there's Nuggets Bubble Gum.

If you haven't already found yourself with at least four varieties wedged between the cushions of your car seats, then you've clearly got some work to do! You gotta try all the Beaver Nuggets 😋