Creative Uses of Beaver Nuggets

Creative Uses of Beaver Nuggets

Beyond reselling Buc-ee's merch and grub, we have another hobby. We wonder what creative and novel ways people use this stuff -- like Beaver Nuggets -- for. So, we decided to ask on Facebook, and all y'all responded.

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

Beaver Mix

Bree decided to be a trailblazer and suggested something that no one else did -- Beaver Mix. She says it's similar to Chex Mix, the salty and savory snack mix based upon the eponymous cereal. Instead of using a variety of Chex, she uses Beaver Nuggets.

This sounds rather fascinating in a good way. The thing is that the Beaver Nuggets are super sweet, and that has to blend well with the salty and savory seasonings that the melted butter is used to bind it to the cereal. We'll have to try this.


It's rather interesting that the main and perhaps only other way all y'all mentioned on Facebook is eating the nuggets as cereal. Breakfast is certainly a theme. Who needs coffee when y'all can have sugar galore with milk?

Yvonne and Lynette report that relatives of theirs do this. This seems suspiciously like they're saying that a "friend" does this (meaning they're too embarrassed to confess about doing this themselves), but that's ok, this is a safe space. Cherry, on the other hand, owned up to indulging in this decadent practice. YOLO!

These aren't the only folk who enjoy this. YouTuber mauri213 has a Taste Test Tuesday series, and one time he decided to try Beaver Nuggets -- including as cereal. This seems like a natural thing to him as he feels that they taste like a cross of Honey Smacks and Corn Pops cereal (there's that theme again!). When he tried them as cereal, he actually preferred it that way. When his off-camera companion was teasing him for eating so much high fructose corn syrup and other silly sounding ingredients, he defended the cereal as being organic. That's good enough for us. Beaver Nuggets Cereal is a health food.

Too Tempting to be Creative

Nola is perhaps the most honest commenter. She reports that she has to drive an hour to her closest Buc-ee's, and she continues, "By the time we get back home, there isn't enough left to be creative!"

We can relate. It's amazing that the nuggets make it to the car as we leave the store and head to the parking lot. Perhaps that's why there aren't many more novel ways to enjoy Beaver Nuggets. They're so irresistible that we have so little time to think about how else to get them into our bellies. Thank goodness they ship well, and we are here to do that for y'all.

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