Decoding the Expenses of Online Shopping

Have you ever wondered why the items you purchase from us cost more than they would at the store? It's a question we frequently hear, and the reactions vary.

Some customers are content with paying the markup, while others express genuine curiosity, and a few are outright upset. We want to address this question and clarify why our prices are as they are. 

Before diving into why, the first thing to understand -- and this is very important -- is that we are not Buc-ee's, H-E-B, or any other brand that we resell. We are a reseller. We have a disclaimer on every page that says this, and we make it clear on our home page as well.

If you have discovered that we are attempting to make a profit through comparing the price of the retail tag on your item to the cost that you paid us, and this has upset you; we invite you to meet us at the store next time, and we can all go shopping together.

Note that we used to remove the tags, but that had its own set of problems (even though it prevented folks from complaining). So it's a tricky situation to be in one way or another as a business. Go check out what people have had to say over at the BBB if you want to feel more emotions on the topic.

While we won't delve into a complete breakdown of our markup, there are several costs associated with running our business that you may not have considered. These include:

  • Wages for our team
  • Shopping and moving goods to a warehouse
  • Having the warehouse
  • Software to keep the warehouse organized
  • Taxes to keep America great
  • Insurance if something goes wrong
  • Processing fees for reliable transactions

At the end of the day, we greatly appreciate the patronage of all our customers! By choosing to purchase from us, you are not only getting the convenience and reliability of our service but also supporting small businesses. Companies like ours account for over 50% of jobs in America and play a vital role in driving local economies and communities forward.

We encourage you to continue supporting small businesses like ours and others in your area. Your contributions make a real difference, enabling us to grow and provide you with exceptional service. Thank you for your understanding!