Texas will claim the world's largest gas station again

Texas will claim the world's largest gas station again

Everything is bigger in Texas, but that doesn't mean that the Lone Star State has the world's largest gas station anymore.  Currently, Tennessee has the largest gas station; it's a convenience store in the Smoky Mountain Region town of Sevierville.  How as a Texas institution could Buc-ee's outdo itself by building a larger location than the New Braunfels travel center in another state?  We don't know, but at least the chain is correcting that mistake.

Houston's NBC affiliate KPRC channel 2 is reporting that the next world's largest convenience store will be in Luling, TX.  Buc-ee's broke ground in this location back in November 2022, and the new store should open in about 18 months.

Here's the thing, this location has a storied past.  This new store is going to replace an existing Buc-ee's store.  In 2003 Buc-ee's built the existing store -- its first travel center (the mega church sized cathedrals to all things Texas, clean bathrooms, and Beaver Nuggets) ever.  Luling is actually a small town along I-10 between Houston and San Antonio.  So, despite existing as a small town, there's a lot of traffic and demand for a large convenience store with a busy interstate between two major metroplexes.  It is an honor to host the first ever Buc-ee's travel center and even a bigger one to reclaim the world's biggest gas station for Texas.

During the groundbreaking, KPRC caught up with Buc-ee's co-founder and co-owner Arch "Beaver" Alpin III.  By building this new travel center, Buc-ee's is bringing more jobs to this small town.  Alpin said, "We'll have 250 plus employees.  It is a big deal for the small towns.  Call me sentimental.  But this was the first travel center store 20 years ago, and I wanted to do it right here at the same location."

That may seem like a lot of employees, but the location will certainly need them.  According a company press release:

Buc-ee's Luling will offer 120 fueling positions just outside its store with thousands of snack, meal and drink options for travelers on the go, as well as the same award-winning restrooms, cheap gas, quality products and excellent service that have won the hearts, trust and business of millions in the South for nearly 40 years. Buc-ee's favorites including Texas barbecue, homemade fudge, kolaches, Beaver nuggets, jerky and fresh pastries will all be available.

Further, measuring at more than a whooping 75,000 square feet, it will require plenty of folk to keep things going and clean.

We have nothing against Tennessee nor Volunteer State residents, but we're thrilled that Texas will once again have the world's biggest convenience store. 

If y'all ever make a pilgrimage to a Buc-ee's (regardless if it is a travel center or not), take some pictures and share them with us via social media.  We would love so see y'all's smiling faces.

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