Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Say it ain't so!  Buc-ee's is opening up a new world's largest gas station and longest car wash in Tennessee.  We're going to need a stuffed Buc-ee to hug as we grapple with this devastating news.

Nexstar owned sister TV stations -- Austin NBC affiliate KXAN and Knoxville ABC affiliate WATE -- are reporting that Buc-ee's is set to break its own records in the Smoky Mountain Region town of Sevierville in eastern Tennessee

At a whooping 74,000 square feet the new travel center, the "Big Store," will outsize the current world's largest gas station title holder, the New Braunfels location near San Antonio.  Further, the forthcoming travel center will have a car wash longer than the one at the Buc-ee's in Katy near Houston, which currently holds the world's longest carwash title.

But wait...

If that's not bad enough, the folks at WATE are celebrating prematurely.  According to Biloxi ABC affiliate WLOX, the just announced travel center in Harrison County, Mississippi is set to be a ginormous 80,000 square feet, which is even bigger than the Sevierville location.  Wow!

Look.  We're thrilled that Buc-ee's is keeping its claim to these prestigious titles.  However, as a Texas institution, it seems a bit strange that it would outdo itself in another state.  Thus, WATE's gloating stings a tad bit; fortunately, the WLOX folks were more restrained.  Regardless, we're with the KXAN folks who are understandably rather sad.

We here at Texas Snax aren't giving up faith.  Given how much Buc-ee's is growing, we have no doubt that it'll announce a new Texas location that will reclaim these titles for the Lone Star State before the Sevierville and Harrison County travel centers open up.

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