Buc-ee's Tattoos

Buc-ee's Tattoos

Instagram post from @ejaytattoo of arm tattoo of Buc-ee being abducted by aliens in a UFO

A company knows that it's doing something correct when people start to get tattoos with its logo, mascot, or other aspect of its branding.  This won't be a surprise to all y'all, but there are people out there with Buc-ee tattoos.  

Here's an example from Dallas tattoo shop Ejay Tattoo.  This Instagram post shows an arm tattoo of Buc-ee being abducted by aliens in a UFO.  Not only does this person love Buc-ee's so much that they got a tattoo of him on their arm, they also point out that extraterrestrials love him, too.  Perhaps they can't get enough Beaver Nuggets.   

Hey, Martians and other folk from far off planets!  We love Buc-ee, and he belongs here on Earth.  We here at Texas Snax are trying our darndest to spread the joy, merriment, and good vibes of Buc-ee's far and wide.  As earthlings our ability to ship things intergalactically is currently limited, but we hope that with outfits like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic that we'll be able to offer interplanetary shipping soon.  Who knows?  Perhaps the US Postal Service, NASA, and Space Force will spark some governmental synergy to help us out.  That way all y'all can get your bits of heaven while allowing Buc-ee to stick to his own planetary stomping grounds.

So, why do people get such tattoos?  BJ Bueno of The Cult Branding Company offers some explanation on the company's blog about why customers get brand tattoos.  Apparently, this is tied to our very important biological yearnings to form and join groups for our survival.  Further, Bueno states:

"Brands can become associated with specific ideals, as Apple has become inextricably linked to creativity, beauty, and self-expression. Customers see the brand's mark as both a reminder of and identification with these ideals, allowing them to draw strength from the image."

That's a valid reason.

What does Buc-ee's represent?  While he and his company are certainly big fans of immaculately clean bathrooms, brisket, plenty of gas pumps, loooong car washes, and all sorts of treats and merch, it's far more than that.  We argue that the reason why Buc-ee builds such cavernous stores is that he's a big tent kind of guy who is happy to unite us.  With food for meat lovers and vegans (fun fact: Beaver Nuggets are vegetarian and gluten free to boot), sports fans loyal to many schools and cities that are no doubt rivals, offerings for commuters, road trippers, and joy riders alike, and products from local businesses near his travel centers, he has very broad appeal.  Further, since he loves puns and bad jokes, he doesn't take himself that seriously.

As a native Texan, he takes the command of signs at state border crossings seriously as a motto for far more than just driving.  They state: "Drive Friendly - The Texas Way."  If that's not a good reason to get a Buc-ee tattoo, we don't know what is.  However, some of us will go the temporary or Henna tattoo route.

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