Shipping Info

We ship every weekday from Dallas, TX with a few exceptions.

If you have placed your order by noon, and purchased Standard or Express, it will usually go out that same day.

We take holidays and weekends off.

Mondays, days after holidays, inclement weather, and the Christmas season may mean that we fall behind and cannot hit our goals, but we do our best each day.

If we are behind, Standard and Expedited shipments are always prioritized over Economy.

After we have shipped, we make no guarantees that the carriers delivery estimates will be on time. About 1% of orders get delayed, so if you want to ensure your order arrives in time for a special occasion, order well in advance! We suggest 14 days to give plenty of breathing room. In rare cases, packages take longer than 31 days or get lost. We work with the carrier to get all of our money back when they have lost something or delayed it indefinitely.

For that reason, our refund policy aligns with carriers; nothing is considered late unless it has not arrived within 31 days. At that point, we can begin taking action with the carrier and we will do what we can to reasonably take care of you as well.

Shipping Types

Economy Shipping

This is truly an economy option; while packages usually take 5-7 days to arrive from ordering, they can take longer. If you want it faster, we suggest upgrading to Standard or Express.

With this option we package your order, but we may delay it 1-2 business days in sending so that our delivery costs can stay low. This is due to freight costs to deliver the orders to our economy DHL hub. Once your order ships it usually arrives in 1-4 business days. It takes longer the further from Texas you are. So come back to Texas! If there are any delays while in transit, we aren't liable. We can submit a claim with the carrier for a shipping refund if it has been delayed for 30 days, but not more than 60.

Standard Shipping

This is the typical USPS Priority, FedEx Ground, etc. these usually arrive within 1-2 days, but may take up to 3 if you are on the outskirts, and longer if you're in Hawaii or Alaska. Delays can happen, but we can't submit any claims unless it has been delayed by more than two weeks.

Expedited Shipping

This is more expensive, but we ship services that have a 95% chance to arrive within 1-2 days. This is usually FedEx 2-day. We can submit a claim if this has taken more than 2 days.

Shipping Exceptions

Delays & Backstock

At times we may not be able to fulfill your order due to backstock. We do our best not to have backstock, but if an item gets damaged and we cannot ship it, it may cause a variance in our actual stock. We will contact you if that occurs. We receive our Buc-ee's shipment each week, so if we have backorders, we'll likely be able to fulfill it within the week.

Right to Cancel

At times, our shipping estimates are wildly off. Software does its best when charging you for shipping, but it's not always very good. For example, some packages to Hawaii may quote at $25 to ship, but the reality is that they will cost $60 to ship. In those extreme cases we will contact you for the difference in the estimate, and if it is not feasible for you or us, we may cancel the order. Be thankful you live in Hawaii, but remember that shipping to you may be very expensive.