Tesla Superchargers at Buc-ee's

Tesla Superchargers at Buc-ee's

Please note that starting at about the eight minute mark of this video there is imagery of some animal roadkill.  It's not extremely graphic, but if y'all would prefer to not see animal remains, we advise that y'all not watch the last bit of the video.

Buc-ee's is a renowned and famous gas station; its travel centers are known for having a crazy amount of gas pumps.  It's a truly Texas-sized Lone Star State institution.  However, as Texas Snax has reported in the past, some Texas Buc-ee's locations have Tesla charging stations.

Electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast Branden Flasch recently conducted a site review of the Buc-ee's travel center in Temple, TX.  He was floored that there are a whooping 48 Tesla supercharger stalls at that location.  "Superchargers for days," as he puts it.  Well, having a lot of Tesla charging stations definitely fits the Buc-ee's brand and reputation of having plenty of what drivers need -- gas pumps, charging stations, delicious grub and Buc-ee's snacks, and pristine potties.

Flasch was spouting out a lot of EV terms that all y'all's humble Texas Snax blogger is willing to humbly admit that he has little to no idea what the heck he was talking about.  However, those terms certainly sounded impressive, and Flasch seems super stoked about what he discovered at the Temple, TX Buc-ee's.  So, we'll allow his enthusiasm to outshine all his smarty pants jargon. 

He claims that this Buc-ee's location has the most superchargers at one location outside of California.  While some people claim that Texas and California hold a grudge toward each other, that's just from folks who like to stir up manure.  Both states are certainly distinct, but supporting EV drivers is certainly something worthy of competition.  This is a race in which everyone -- including Mother Earth -- wins, and Texas Monthly reports that South African maverick Elon Musk is helping the Lone Star State in more ways than just through Tesla EVs.

On a final note, this further bolsters what Texas Snax has been saying all along.  Buc-ee's is for folks on the go.  It caters to motorists including commuters, road trippers, joyriders, and EV drivers.  

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