April is Humor Month; Good Thing Buc-ee is Punny

April is Humor Month; Good Thing Buc-ee is Punny

Say it!  Don't spray it! Shirt

Back in January 2021, with help from the folks at National Day Calendar, we helped y'all learn how to observe silly holidays like Beer Can Appreciation Day and Rubber Ducky Day.  April is coming up, and guess what -- it's National Humor Month.  Anyone who knows Buc-ee knows that he likes puns and being silly.

Larry Wilde, a comedian and author, founded National Humor Month back in 1976, which makes sense since he was the director of The Carmel Institute of Humor.  He couldn't quit his day job to tell jokes because his day job was to tell jokes.  In June 2008, Wilde handed over the reins to Steve Wilson to ensure that Humor Month would continue.  Wilson is more than qualified since he's a joyologist and director of the World Laughter Tour.

Buc-ee's supports the art of humor by observing it year round in many ways.

Of course, as a Southern fella and phenom, Southern Living also makes the great point that while our favorite beaver takes pride in his stomping grounds, he doesn't take things too seriously as the magazine observes that his stores are "filled with as many eclectic Southern products as one could ever imagine—from regional food that's actually delicious to souvenirs that prove everything is bigger in Texas."

Of further note, there are his famous -- or infamous -- billboards.  Some encourage people to hold their bodily excretions for hundreds of miles (we're talking upwards of 800) until they can make it to the pristine bathrooms.  Many people do.  Y'all can't -- as other billboards put it -- "Potty Like a Rock Star" just anywhere.  Other billboards remind drivers and passengers that the top two reasons to visit Buc-ee's are #1 and #2.  Wink, wink.  There's even a legendary billboard that stated: "Eat Here.  Get Gas."  Tee-hee.

Putting bathroom humor aside, another popular billboard encourages people to "Risk it for the Brisket" (a play on the "risk it for the biscuit" colloquialism), a pun that pays homage to the luscious meat the stores serve up.  There's still another billboard on which Buc-ee proudly owns his dental issues by proclaiming, "My Overbite is Sexy!"

Then there are the punny apparel and holiday duds.  There's the "Tropic Like It's Hot" and "Say It!  Don't Spray It!" shirts.  Let's not forget the festive adult reindeer onesie.  Now that's funny!

Do y'all a favor and allow us here at Texas Snax to help y'all celebrate April as National Humor Month.

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