Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets Cupcakes

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets Cupcakes

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Beaver Nuggets are a bestseller -- and for good reason.  They are sweet and crunchy, and for those who like variety, Buc-ee's sells them in different iterations with add-ons like sea salt, cinnamon, white cheddar, and much more.  In fact, the classic nuggets are also vegetarian and gluten free, too.  Thus, so many people can enjoy this yummy treat.

Beyond their popularity, they're also versatile.  Here are a few ways we've seen people use them:

We here at Texas Snax have continued to research how else y'all can use Beaver Nuggets.  Another fun way to use Beaver Nuggets is to use them in cupcakes.

As y'all can see in our TikTok video above, it is super easy to make cupcakes using brownie mix.  All y'all need is some water, vegetable oil, melted butter, eggs, brownie mix (store bought is a-ok), and cupcake liners.  Throw in some nuggets or nugg-ee's into the batter before baking, and y'all will have some epic cupcakes to devour and share.

Of course, y'all can use other Buc-ee's snacks like chocolate or Cosmic Pops to impress anyone fortunate enough to enjoy y'all's baking.

So, how do y'all incorporate Buc-ee's into baking?  Let us know by commenting on this blog post or tagging us on social media.

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