Silly Gas Station Names

Silly Gas Station Names

(Image of Buc-ee's in Terrell, Texas courtesy of WikiCommons user CJ Jameywiki)

People who start and brand gas station chains must have a lot of fun since there are so many fun names out there.  For instance, Buc-ee's is well known for its creative spelling, fun mascot, and humor.  Of course, its name and mascot are tied to co-founder and co-owner Arch "Beaver" Alpin III.  In addition to the fact that "Beaver" is his childhood nickname, Alpin's dog growing up was named Bucky, and his favorite cartoon character was the beaver mascot of Ipana toothpaste.  Buc-ee's history is full of fun stuff.

The United States is full of gas stations with fun names.  For instance, there's a gas station named Stinker in Idaho that has a skunk for its mascot.  There are so many more.  While Buc-ee's isn't the only gas station and convenience store with a fun name, we argue that it has the best name.

Sometimes gas station names have creative spellings.  Maverik in Utah is pronounced just like "maverick," but it's missing the c.  Then there's Kum & Go from Iowa in the Mid West.  Then there are times when a name may seem like a creative spelling, but it's actually a legit spelling.  For instance, there's the Sheetz chain in Pennsylvania and nearby states; its name is the surname of the fella who started it.  Memorable names are pretty important.

There are other names that seem nonsensical like Pennsylvania-based Wawa, but the name actually has deep meaning.  Wawa is an indigenous word for Canadian Goose that is also the name of the town where the company's original dairy was located; thus, its name shouldn't be dismissed as silly.

Regardless of such instances, there are still plenty of playful and fun examples of gas station branding.  Here's another.  Returning to Idaho, there are Mr. Gas stations that use the tagline -- "Eat food.  Get gas." -- that is also used by other chains.  It never gets old, however.  So, we shouldn't fret that there are ample examples of purely playful gas station marketing out there.

Here's the interesting thing.  As we learned (and knew already) during the COVID-19 pandemic, gas stations are essential -- making their employees (including those staffing the stores) essential workers.  We need gas to keep our vehicles and society going.  Plus, we need grub and drinks for life on the go.  So, as truly important gas stations are, it is kind of ironic that as a business, there's plenty of room for playfulness and creativity.

We agree with all y'all, Buc-ee's has the best gas station branding and name.  However, if y'all are aware of other examples of fun names, let us know in the comments.

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