Buc-ee's Beach and Pool Gear

Buc-ee's Beach and Pool Gear

Buc-ee's Beach and Pool Collection

After fall and winter, it is hard to believe that spring and summer will ever come -- especially when Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.  Besides we're more of beaver believers here.  However, the warm and hot temperatures are almost here, and it's never too early to get ready!

Fortunately, Texas Snax offers several items from Buc-ee's beach and pool collection.  There's plenty to choose from including towels, river tubes, cabanas for providing shade, terry cloth tops, tank tops, and portable hammocks.  Don't forget Buc-ee's swimsuits either.  Of course, all of them are prominently branded with the Buc-ee's logo so that everyone else will be jealous.

We love all of these items. 

In particular, we love the Buc-ee's river tube, which is perfect for leisurely lounging.  Regardless, if y'all are in a river, pool, lake, ocean, or lazy river, the tube is perfect for laying back and enjoying the water and sun.  It is the shape of our favorite beaver mascot, Buc-ee, and has a mesh seat, built-in cupholder, and grab n' latch rope for comfort and safety.

We also recommend that y'all consider the Buc-ee's sports cabana that is perfect for the beach, poolside, or park.  Y'all don't have to be a Boy or Girl Scout to set this up; it's easy.  The cabana provides valuable shade for when it gets really hot and sunny.  Plus, it uses the material that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends to protect y'all's skin, and that's something that all y'all's humble Texas Snax blogger needs to do better at.

We're obsessed with the Buc-ee's Vista Hammock, which also has ample versatility.  All y'all need are two trees or poles to connect the hammock to at each end, and voilà, y'all have a very comfortable place to rest, sleep, or read.  Easy peasy.  Beyond the pool or beach, it is great to take to the park, on a picnic, or camping trip.

Finally (not really), we also love all of the Buc-ee's beach towels.  Beyond drying up after getting wet, towels are perfect for laying comfortably on the ground or covering up when things get a bit chilly or y'all want to stay out of the sun.  The towels come in a few different patterns so that y'all can show off some Buc-ee's fandom.  Everyone will sin by coveting thy towels.

Of course, don't forget other Buc-ee's outdoor accessories.  Having fun in the sun requires gear like coolers, tumblers, and grills.  

Please share what all y'all are up to in the outdoors with us here at Texas Snax via social media.  We want to celebrate all the fun!

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