Hop into the Easter Spirit with Buc-ee's

Hop into the Easter Spirit with Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is a company known to celebrate holidays and events throughout the year -- including Easter each spring.  What can we say?  Buc-ee is one festive fella.

As such, the company features a Buc-ee's Easter collection as well as some year round items that will zhuzh up any Easter basket.

Buc-ee's Easter Collection

As with most of the other holidays that Buc-ee's celebrates, it produces several items geared specifically toward that holiday.  In fact, during most years, there's a new theme or variation of the items.

In 2023, the collection includes: Easter socks, hair accessories for girls and women, a t-shirt, a Yukon double pint tumbler, and a plush stuffed Buc-ee wearing bunny ears and this year's Easter shirt.  Please keep an eye on this space in forthcoming years as the themes tend to change along with some of the different types of merchandise.  Thus, items from each year are collector's items.

These items can serve a few different purposes.  For instance, they certainly can add a festive flair to one's wardrobe.  They can also serve as a fun gifts for others.  Additionally, they are a perfect item to add to any Easter basket.

Year Round Favorites for Baskets

Buc-ee's and Texas Snax are here to supply the Easter Bunny with some yummy goodies.

At least according to mass media, the vast majority of American Easter baskets are full of candy.  Thus, any beaver believer will certainly enjoy finding a variety of Buc-ee's candy in their basket.  While Texas Snax doesn't currently stock any jelly beans, candy like chewy cherry sours, salt water taffy, and gummi bears and worms all are wonderful items to throw into a basket.

Don't forget the Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets, which are a -- if not, the -- bestseller.  Their crunchy sweetness definitely fits in with the theme.

Y'all may also want to add some chocolate to a basket as well.  Texas Snax carries some Buc-ee's chocolate, but just keep in mind that y'all will need to order that in advance as we don't stock nor ship chocolate during the spring and summer as it might melt or otherwise deteriorate during shipping.  So, plan ahead.

Just like Christmas stockings, Easter baskets can include some small gift items.  Thus, Buc-ee's accessories like stickers, koozies, necklaces, mugs, and tumblers would all make someone very happy after a basket hunt.  Don't forget Buc-ee's apparel like shirts, hats, and socks also make great gifts to throw into a basket.

Another fun way to amp up the beaver theme of the basket is to use some Buc-ee's confetti to either sprinkle throughout the plastic easter grass or even to use to decorate the basket and its handle.

Share Y'all's Joy

We would love see how all y'all incorporate Buc-ee's into y'all's Easter celebrations.  Please take pictures and videos of y'all's Easter baskets and decorations and tag us on social media.

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