Valentine's Day at Buc-ee's

Valentine's Day at Buc-ee's

Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14, and Buc-ee's is there for you.  So are we here at Texas Snax; we’ll discuss a little about the Valentine's shirts later.

This is the holiday that we celebrate love for our significant others, family, friends, and elementary classmates.  Given this, many people have taken inspiration from Buc-ee himself on how to express gratitude for their loved ones.  Here are a couple of examples.

Engagement Photos at Buc-ee's

As we've mentioned in the past, back in August 2018 Houston area couple Brooks Taylor and Trevor Waters took their wedding photographer Kristina Boyd to the Katy Buc-ee's for their engagement photo shoot.  "We have Buc-ee's and no other state has that. We thought that would be super special and different," Brooks told KPRC2.  With that in mind they took pictures in some of their favorite spots in the store -- like the vintage red truck, soda fountain, Beaver Nuggets aisle, and the cotton candy.  We have no doubt that if Brooks and Trevor find themselves together in a Buc-ee's on Valentine's Day, they'll have extra special feelings.

Copycat Beaver Nuggets - Courtesy: Candi of The Devilish Dish

I'm "Eager" to be Your Valentine

Those love birds aren't the only ones who involve Buc-ee in their celebration of love and friendship.  Candi behind The Devilish Dish blog decided to make some copycat Beaver Nuggets and beaver themed Valentines cards back in 2020.  (Photo courtesy of Candi.)  For all y'all who like to bake and get all crafty, following her recipe and card pattern is a wonderful gesture to show your appreciation for the loved ones in your life this Valentine's Day -- or any other day for that matter.

However, baking is hard.  Even a lot of those celebrity chefs on Food Network admit from time to time that while they love to cook, baking intimidates them.  Some of us frequently burn toast.  So, Texas Snax is here for you.  Go ahead and order some Beaver Nuggets, other treat, or swag for the valentines in your life and then print out Candi's card.  Giving something from Buc-ee's to anyone will mean a lot -- no assembly required.

Valentine's Day Shirts

As resellers, we here at Texas Snax have your back when it comes to Valentine's swag.  We've procured some holiday themed shirts and socks for adults and kids from our local Buc-ee's to ship to you.  As always, we'll pack the items with love.  We'll even send it to your valentine's doorstep if y'all aren't in the same spot.  There's no better way to tell someone that you love them from Buc-ee's and back. 

Grab them while you can since a lot of folks have valentines of their own.

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