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January 2021 Events for Buc-ee's Fans

We love the folks over at National Day Calendar for keeping track of those silly holidays like Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9).  Well, silly is probably not the best way to describe all of them.  July is National Ice Cream Month, and that's something we take seriously.  

Texas Snax is here to help y'all celebrate these holidays by shipping you the appropriate stuff right to your doorstep.  Read below for what's coming up in January 2021 we can help with celebrating.

First off, we have a request.  Bobblehead Day is January 7.  Can we get a bobblehead Buc-ee?  Pretty please.

Sticker Day - January 13

The raddest stickers have our favorite beaver on them, and you can check them out in our Stickers & Swag section.   For instance, since Buc-ee's is made for those who hit the road, we've got plenty of bumper stickers that you can use to show your fandom by displaying one on your car during a road trip.  We're sure that the non-Texan drivers will notice and wonder what they're missing out on.

Rubber Ducky from Buc-ee's

Rubber Ducky Day - January 13

January 13 is a twofer!  This Rubber Ducky Day you can observe it with a duck sporting a Buc-ee's shirt.  Your bath will never have been so festive as it will be with this ducky, especially one that's big of a fan as you.

Hat Day - January 15

According to National Day Calendar, "Since at least 1983, National Hat Day has been observed in libraries, schools, and museums across the country."  So, why not observe this day in a convenience store?  We already feel sorry for those poor chains that will have to endure Buc-ee's grandeur in their own stores.  Good thing there are plenty of trucker hats to choose from as you prepare for your visit.  If you're near a Buc-ee's, join your fellow fans.  If you're elsewhere, don't be too boastful.

Popcorn Day - January 19

Popcorn is the perfect snack for various situations.  It's a must for movies.  Plus, it's also great for road trips of all lengths and purposes (from commuting to joyriding).  Fortunately, there are plenty of types and flavors of popcorn from plain to white cheddar jalapeño, and it ships well.  Taking some of Buc-ee's popcorn will help y'all better endure dingy bathrooms and waiting for an open gas pump.  Allow us to assist you in your observance of this holiday.

Buc-ee's Koozie

Beer Can Appreciation Day - January 24

What would we do without beer cans?  Without them it would be hard to drink let alone stay clean.  Things would be so sticky.  Ick!  In order to truly observe this holiday, use one of Buc-ee's koozies to show the cans in your life a little more love.  You're going to toss them (recycle, please!) anyway.  Y'all might as well cherish the brief time you have together.

Peanut Brittle Day - January 26

Like any snack, Peanut Brittle is underrated.  Good thing that it has a holiday and a fan in Buc-ee and his pals.  We've got it in our confections section.  Order some and celebrate by -- go ahead -- crunching into it.  We won't tell your dentist.  

The great thing about holidays is that they occur every day of the year.  Check out National Calendar Day's site to find out when to celebrate life's joys.  Perhaps Buc-ee deserves his own holiday.  While International Beaver Day is April 7, we can and should do better.  Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments here on this blog post or on our Facebook or Instagram pages.
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