Would y'all name a street Beaver Road?

Would y'all name a street Beaver Road?

10/24/21 Google Maps Screenshot of Six Buc-ee's Boulevard Streets

As we've reported before, there are some very lucky roads named after Buc-ee's out there.  While we're not privy to everything here at Texas Snax, we reckon that many of these roads were built specifically to accommodate new Buc-ee's travel centers and stores.

However, there's a different type of case under review in Missouri.  Buc-ee's has asked Springfield's Planning and Zoning Commission to consider renaming North Mulroy Road to North Beaver Road.  Springfield News-Leader's Andrew Sullender reported back in October 2022 that this change is "to help those out-of-towners find the superstore."

There's a hitch.  Springfield's Planning and Zoning Commission has a rule that it won't name roads after specific company names, names very closely associated with a certain business (like a mascot's name), nor similar names that would favor one business over others.  This certainly seems fair and sensible.  Apparently, Buc-ee's Avenue is what the chain wanted, but after it learned that the commission doesn't want to favor certain commercial businesses over others, it changed its request to North Beaver Road.  The thought is that it could be a comprise as Buc-ee is a beaver as a hint to the chain that's not overly explicit like the original request does.

However, the commission -- as of October 9, 2022 -- is deadlocked on the question.  Regardless of how the commission ultimately votes, it is simply a recommendation to the Springfield City Council that apparently has final say.  We'll have to see what happens.  As big of beaver believers as we are, we can certainly understand the city's desire to not unfairly support certain businesses over others.  Not every company is lucky enough to be Buc-ee's...

Rance Burger of the Springfield Daily Citizen reports that as of late November 2022, Beaver Road may still become a reality.  In fact, Buc-ee's real estate director Stan Beard told Burger that: "We figured if French’s could have its Mustard Way, maybe we could have a Beaver Road."

So, here's a question for all y'all.  Would y'all ever want to live on a street named after Buc-ee's?  Let's us know here in the comments.

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I actually used to live on a “Beaver Falls Drive” off of “Beaver Ruin Road”, so I say that Beaver Road is a no-brainer.


I would be honored to live on u-cee’s Drive, Nugget Lane,
or Beaver Boulevard. I have so many Bu-cee’s shirts that I might as well co-habitat with them!

Lee Ann

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