10/24/21 Google Maps Screenshot of Six Buc-ee's Boulevard Streets

Roads Named After Buc-ee's

10/24/21 Google Maps Screenshot of Six Buc-ee's Boulevard Streets

Did y'all know that there are multiple roads named after Buc-ee's? These are very lucky roads.  According to Google Maps on October 24, 2021 and later on January 16, 2022 (y'all's truly is a dedicated blogger who thinks ahead), there are currently six roads named Buc-ee's Boulevard throughout the South -- four in Texas and two in Alabama.  

However, this number is increasing.  According to AL.com, there appears to be a seventh road to bare that name.  Back in October, it broke ground on the forthcoming location in Auburn, Alabama.  There could likely be other streets named Buc-ee's Boulevard since new streets are created all the time, and it takes awhile for mapping services that serve Google Maps to update with new roads.  

So, why is Auburn getting a Buc-ee's Boulevard?  Yeah...  We know; that's obvious.  It's the location of the third location in Alabama.  At 53,470 square feet and 120 gas pumps, that's clearly a future travel center full of all stores of grub (fresh and otherwise) and merchandise.  AL.com puts it well by stating: "The Texas-based, Texas-sized convenience store is expanding throughout the South, with locations in Baldwin County and Leeds, and one planned for Athens."

What's a boulevard?  Zipcar did some research about road naming conventions related to the difference between streets, lanes, terraces, courts, and so on and reports: "Then there are boulevards, which are even wider streets lined with trees on both sides, plus a median in the middle."

Fun fact: An odonym is the name of a street.

Are y'all aware of other roads named after Buc-ee's?  Let us know in the comments for this blog post or on the Texas Snax Facebook page.

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