Three Buc-ee's Ideas We Wish We Had First

Three Buc-ee's Ideas We Wish We Had First

As y'all can tell, we're big Buc-ee's fans.  In fact, we've committed ourselves to helping people who live outside of east Texas get their fix of Beaver Nuggets and shirts without leaving home -- albeit a visit to Texas is always in order.  However, some people have had perhaps even better ideas than us.  Here are three of our favorites.

Buc-ee's Birthday Party

Leonor Alonso in the Houston area is a truly wonderful mom.  She's so committed to her kids that she throws them over-the-top themed parties.  Back in April 2019 BC (Before COVID) her son Nathan who was turning nine requested a Buc-ee's birthday party.  

However, this isn't as easy as it sounds.  Going to the party store for supplies is not this family's style.  Leonor told Southern Living magazine that: "If it's in the store, we don't want it."

She aptly came up with various party supplies using various items in novel ways.  That includes using Buc-ee's styrofoam cups to fashion a centerpiece.  Further, she used red and gold buckets and curtains as well as frosting in those colors for cupcakes and cookies since those are the two main colors in the company's logo.  On top of that, she made a piñata as well; good thing Buc-ee's has many types of candy and treats to fill it for all the lucky kiddos.

Nathan is one lucky beaver believer!

Prom Photos

Prom is a quintessential and sacred rite of passage for American teens.  Of course, in Texas these traditions are taken to the next level.  We Texans like to go big.

The same magical month that young Nathan celebrated his birthday, several Seven Lakes High School students decided to hit their local Buc-ee's in Katy west of Houston for a prom photo shoot.  Their moms were more than happy to oblige.

Dressed in their dazzling gowns, they posed at many important parts of the store.  They were sure to pose in front of the wall of jerky, the customary vintage red truck full of stuffed Buc-ee's, and the soda fountains.  Don't worry.  They took pictures at the required spot -- the statue of our beloved beaver that's at each location.

This was for the ladies only.  We feel sorry for their prom dates.  The pictures were clearly the best part of the evening.

Engagement Photos

Several months before these two other shindigs in August 2018, another Houston area couple showed their deep Buc-ee's fandom by taking their engagement photos at one of the stores.  

Many a lovestruck young couple chooses trendy fashion for their engagement and wedding photos.  You know…  Big hair, tuxedo shirts with ruffles, pastel colors, etc. that don't age well.  Young lovebirds don't always choose timeless classics.

However, Brooks Taylor and Trevor Waters along with their photographer Kristina Boyd definitely made engagement photo history by heading to their favorite convenience store.  The couple took romantic pictures in the retro red truck, kissing while holding their drinks in front of the soda fountains, and sharing some Beaver Nuggets and cotton candy.  The employees, of course, were nice and helpful they report.

"We have Buc-ee's and no other state has that. We thought that would be super special and different," Brooks told KPRC2.  At the time that was accurate.  Despite the chain's recent expansion to other states, the Lone Star State will remain unique.

While many couples may look back at their nuptial photos and cringe wondering about what were they thinking, Brooks and Trevor will not.  They'll remember that they love someone more than Buc-ee, and that who is each other.  We have no doubt that this couple will have a long, happy marriage and will feel pride when they show off their engagement photos.

Wow!  Birthday parties, prom, and engagement photo shoots are certainly great opportunities to involve Buc-ee.  Good thing the stores are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Thus, y'all can celebrate even the most impromptu events at one of the stores.  Graduations, promotions, sport championships, and reunions of all sorts are all great reasons to visit Buc-ee's -- not that one is needed.  If y'all aren't near one, we can ship you some merch and treats as a next best thing.

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Please, please open one in Missouri!! I’m a fan for Buc-ee’s
Between Joplin and Springfield or Springfield-St. Louis.
Thank you, you will not regret.

Amparo Flores

please open one in Missouri!!

Amparo Flores

Shreveport Louisiana

Stephanie Cowen

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