Head Back to School with Buc-ee’s

Head Back to School with Buc-ee’s

As the summer is drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking about getting your kids ready to go back to school. We understand how difficult it can be trying to find all the right equipment they need from new shoes and bags to lunchboxes and tumblers. This is why we’ve made it easier than ever for parents to combine their love of Buc-ee’s with their kids' school essentials. We’ve put together all the back-to-school items in one easy place for you to see here, and below you’ll find our highlights from the collection.

Clear Buc-ee's Backpack with Pink Trim

A new backpack is always top of the list for back-to-school essentials so grab your kid a new one from Buc-ee’s. This backpack comes in one size and has a multi-colored logo and a clear jacket. Your kid will be the coolest kid in the hallways!

Yukon Fit 40 Oz Tumbler w/ Handle

Next up we have the 40 oz tumblers with handles so they’re much easier for your children to hold and control. Keep them well hydrated all day long with this fancy refillable tumbler that is incredibly durable for those accidental drops, and has double insulation meaning that warm drinks stay warm and cold drinks stay cold. Stave off the summer heat and the winter cold with this perfect refillable tumble.

Buc-ee's Kids Lunch Bag

Who can go back to school without a new lunch bag?! These lunch box coolers are the perfect companion for your kid’s school lunchtime. With its foil composite lining the inside it will keep your soda cold or a nice bowl of Grandma's homemade soup, hot for hours. It has an internal zipper mesh as well as mesh side pockets great for dry snacks and drinks. There are four colors to choose from; pink, blue, black, and rainbow splash, so there’s an option for every kid in the family.

Youth Buc-ee's Trucker Hats

These youth trucker hats can protect your children while helping them feel stylish. Keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter with seven different styles to choose from. These are snapback hats with breathable mesh and fun designs!

Buc-ee’s Sports Balls

Did you know Buc-ee’s do a range of sports balls that are perfect for your kids to take to school so they can have fun with their friends during recess and after school? There are different options to choose from including the Buc-ee's Soccer Ball, Foam Football, Foam Baseball, and the Beach Ball. Your kids can have fun, be healthy, and play with their friends in so many ways!

School Snacks

If you know Buc-ee’s then you’ll know that no company does snacks as good as they do! Everyone in our household loves a Buc-ee’s snack and we’re sure that’s the same for you too. All kid’s lunch boxes need a snack to go along with their main food so let Buc-ee’s do the hard work for you by helping you decide what to put in there. Among our best sellers we have the Cosmic Pops, Lemon Mini Cookies, the delicious and healthy Nutty Bites, and the succulent Peach Rings. Of course, this isn’t all that Buc-ee’s sells, we could write a whole book on their snacks rather than a whole paragraph. But since we do only have a paragraph, click here to browse all the snacks available and pop a little treat into your kids lunch box every day.

Shop the Whole Collection

These are just a few of our top picks from the Buc-ee’s back-to-school collection. But there are even more great items to choose from that will help your kids as they head into a new semester. Check out the whole collection by clicking here, and make this year less stressful than before. Happy shopping!

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