What's in y'all's Buc-ee's haul?

What's in y'all's Buc-ee's haul?

So, we're curious.  What's in y'all's Buc-ee's haul?  Well, YouTuber Jamie aka The Crafty DIY Guy shared what was in his Buc-ee's shopping haul.  He visited the Florence, SC Buc-ee's travel center back in late December 2022.  As all y'all can see in his video, he was stoked after his first visit to a Buc-ee's.

He certainly addressed "the beaver in the room" (our term) about how the chain is hard to pin down.  Is it a gas station?  Is it a home décor store?  Is it a restaurant?  Well, how about all of the above?

As a crafty fella he said that he saw all sorts of cute (Jamie uttered "cuteness overload" more than once) and adorable items in the store.  For instance, he commented on some of the Buc-ee's koozies for bottles.  Jamie loved them and got himself a couple. Guess what.  So can all y'all.  That's what Texas Snax is here for!

Another thing that blew him away was the famous Buc-ee's wall of beef jerky.  He was impressed by the number of flavors and varieties available, including what he picked -- Bohemian Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Mesquite Pepper, Korean BBQ, Lemon Pepper, and Stake House.  That's a lot!

Of course, he heeded his sister's advice and checked out Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets.  He describes them as a cross between Cheetos, caramel corn, and Captain Crunch.  If y'all ask us, that seems accurate.

Jamie was also very intrigued by the Blueberry Jalapeño Jam.  He thinks that it would taste wonderful on a pork loin or chicken breast.  Sticking with sweet snacks, he also decided to get the salt water taffy.  Either way, these are just a few items of delicious Buc-ee's snacks and treats that y'all can order from Texas Snax.

We were certainly excited to see the zeal in his shopping haul video.  That's partly because we can relate to how exciting it is to visit a Buc-ee's travel center. 

So, what's in y'all's Buc-ee's shopping haul (regardless if y'all went to a Buc-ee's or ordered stuff through Texas Snax)?  We would love to see y'all's videos.

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