Pre-order Buc-ee's Holiday Shirts

Pre-order Buc-ee's Holiday Shirts

As y'all know, Buc-ee's is a festive company that celebrates holidays and occasions throughout the year.  There's ample uncertainty in the world, but we are certain that Buc-ee's will have t-shirts for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, graduation, the patriotic summer holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas each year.  In fact, Buc-ee makes a new shirt to mark each occasion every year.

Given this, these seasonal offerings can go pretty quickly, and since they're limited time items, once they're gone -- they're gone for good.  Thus, we here at Texas Snax want to help all y'all out better ensure that y'all get the latest holiday t-shirt.  That's where our Pre-order Buc-ee's Shirts collection comes into play.

Don't worry, we're not going to take all y'all's money before we're certain that we have an item to send y'all.  We're using the "Notify Me When Available" feature of our ecommerce platform, Shopify.  That will allow y'all to stay ahead of the pack.  By clicking on this button, y'all will be prompted to provide an email address; once we add items to our inventory, y'all will get an automated email message letting y'all know that we have the item in stock.  That way y'all will know before the vast majority of other beaver believers that we're ready to take orders.

We here at Texas Snax are trying our darndest to make things easier for all y'all.  Like some of us, we know that many of all y'all don't live near a Buc-ee's.  As we all know, that's a hard situation to endure.  Thus, we've taken it upon ourselves to help y'all out, and this is just another way we can do that for the world.  Y'all are welcome.

What other Buc-ee's bestsellers would y'all pre-order?  Who knows?  We may just expand this section to include more than just Buc-ee's clothes.

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