A creative way to lure Buc-ee's to a neighborhood

A creative way to lure Buc-ee's to a neighborhood

Google Maps image of Armstrong Avenue in Highland Park, TX

(Screenshot of Armstrong Avenue in Highland Park, TX courtesy of Google Maps)

Some folks may consider this tactic creative while others may feel that it is cruel.

One of the most popular Texas Snax blog posts is titled: Where Should Buc-ee's Go Next?  In fact, not only does this blog post get comments, folks continue to comment on it years after it was first published.  That is anecdotal evidence that lots of folks want to live near a Buc-ee's store.  

The chain is more than happy to oblige.  It has recently started to expand outside of East Texas with new stores (opened and announced) in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  In fact, Colorado is getting a Buc-ee's location, too.  Lucky Coloradans!

Some enterprising Texans decided to take a creative approach to luring their favorite beaver to their neighborhood.  Back in December 2022, the Dallas Morning News reported that a fake Buc-ee's "Coming Soon" sign appeared along Armstrong Avenue in the Highland Park neighborhood of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  The sign promised: "Best Place to Pee in HP."  Alas, it was fake; the sign disappeared the next day. 

The Dallas Morning News -- performing its journalistic duty -- reached out to Buc-ee's corporate team to get the story.  General Counsel Jeff Nadalo told them that, "Buc-ee’s is not opening a store in Highland Park.  Our guests will have to travel to one of our other DFW locations for award-winning clean restrooms."

No doubt local residents were crestfallen to learn the news that this is likely a prank.  Many pranks are fun, but this one is might go a bit too far for some folks.  Living near a Buc-ee's is incredible, and to get some hope only for it to get dashed is a bummer.

On a related note, there briefly was a tiny Buc-ee's in West Texas in 2022, and the chain didn't place it there.  It was in the desert near Marathon.  While we're not privy to all the details, it is certainly related to the tiny Prada and Target storefronts that also dot the area.  The tiny Prada and Target stores are examples of protest art against consumerism.  However, we're beginning to wonder if the tiny Buc-ee's wasn't a request for our favorite beaver to head west.  Here's hoping that the chain heeds this request.

So, where else would y'all like to see a Buc-ee's?  Perhaps an airport store like 7-Eleven has at the DFW airport?  We would either plan an extra long layover there or arrive plenty early for a flight just so we had ample time to shop there. 

When it comes to an ecommerce presence, we here at Texas Snax are doing our darndest to keep that a reality.  Remember: Texas Snax is NOT part of, sponsored, affiliated, nor endorsed by Buc-ee's.  We're merely uber beaver believers who purchase Buc-ee's merchandise and resell it, which is a legal activity.

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Where should Buc-ees go next. I think it should be a Buc-ees should be on I-16 in Georgia between Statesboro or Metter, GA and Macon GA. Also on I-20 between Augusta, GA and Madison GA. Thanks.


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