How to Throw a Buc-ee's Party

How to Throw a Buc-ee's Party

There's always a good reason to party, and there's always great reasons to throw a Buc-ee's theme party.  Recently, NPR's Life Kit podcast shared several theme party tips from lifestyle influencer Brandi Milloy that will serve us well here.

The Basics

Milloy explains that there are a couple basic items that we need to discuss first.

First, perhaps the most fundamental tip is to select a theme that the party guests will connect with.  Well, we can take care of that easily.  Buc-ee's is a great theme that people will certainly connect with.  Our favorite beaver fronted company can either serve as the theme, or it can serve as the central point of a Texas theme party -- especially for ex-pat Texans longing for the Lone Star State.  Either way, both have a rabid cult following that people love.

Second, it is important to give people plenty of notice.  This is especially true if the party is scheduled near major holidays or family events.  Further, ample time is certainly needed if guests are expected to dress in a certain way or bring specific items -- like a white elephant gift.

Now, onto how y'all as the hosts need to prepare.

Thematic Touch Points

Milloy suggests that a theme party host should aim to incorporate "about 5 touch points" to bring the theme alive.  There are plenty to choose from including: "invitations, food, music, centerpieces, backdrops, games, costume contests or favors."  Here are some Buc-ee's ideas to consider.

Clean Restrooms

We're adding another touch point -- the potty.  While it's always great etiquette for a party host to provide a clean space for their guests, a rather intriguing way to invite the Buc-ee's ambiance is to focus on the restrooms.  The chain prides itself on immaculate restrooms, and this is one place in one's home that a party host can replicate this hospitality.


This is a touchpoint that Texas Snax is more than capable in assisting with -- the grub.  Y'all don't have to live near a Buc-ee's travel center in order to stock up for a theme party.

Texas Snax can send y'all as many bestselling Buc-ee's snacks as y'all need.  Of course, the most popular snack is Beaver Nuggets.  We highly recommend that y'all stock up on the classic Beaver Nuggets, but there are other varieties including sea salted caramel, cinnamon, bold n' spicy, chocolate covered, and others.  All of these will certainly excite party guests.

Heck.  Don't forget that y'all can definitely up the novelty of Beaver Nuggets by serving them as cereal or the crust of Texas Key Lime Bars.  Have fun with them!

If y'all are looking to provide more substantive fare for guests, y'all can order BBQ sauces, rubs, and spices to prepare either finger food or a full-fledged meal. 

Don't forget to think about how to use Buc-ee's jams, jellies, and preserves to cook or bake with; they may make for some good marinades for meat.  Further, these may help y'all out when baking some kolaches and klobasniky, and these Tex-Czech pastries are Buc-ee's favorites from the on-site bakeries.

Centerpieces & Backdrops

Leonor Alonso from the Houston area is another party expert.  A few years ago, she threw a Buc-ee's themed birthday party at her son's request.  However, here's the kicker, she's a DIY kind of gal.  She told Southern Living magazine: "If it's in the store, we don't want it."

One of the main things that she did in order to invoke the Buc-ee's vibe is to pull in the colors from the logo.  Specifically, she used gold or yellow and red.  She incorporated these colors by using buckets, cups, curtains, and frosting on cupcakes and cookies.  There are plenty of other items that can help incorporate these colors like napkins, plates, and even clothes. 

This is also where we here at Texas Snax can help; check out our Buc-ee's party collection.  We have official Buc-ee's branded party supplies including: confetti, treat bags, party hats, napkins, paper cups, and many other items.  So, if y'all really want to be legit, we've got the goods.

Further, Buc-ee first set up shop in 1982, which means that he's a child of the 80s.  As all y'all know, he likes to pull in 80s themes (like neon colors) here and there in the Buc-ee's fashion collection. So, playing a 1980s playlist on shuffle is one of many ways to create the perfect ambience.  If y'all really want to get specific, make a play of 1980s Texan music to really drive the point across.

This is a relatively easy way to invoke Buc-ee.

Costumes & Dress

Costume parties are always fun, but this may be a place to allow for creativity and leniency.  

First off, drawing inspiration from Buc-ee's logo is a wise course of action.  As mentioned above, suggesting that guests wear red, gold, or yellow is an easy way to play off of the logo as well as echo décor elements if y'all used those colors in those elements.

Second, another option is for guests to wear Buc-ee's shirts and clothes.  Y'all's guests can certainly order some from Texas Snax; we'll try our darndest to get it them in a timely manner.  

Third, as Buc-ee is a Texan, wearing clothing with a Lone Star State theme -- like Texas shirts -- is also another great option.

Fourth, don't forget that Buc-ee is a child of the 80s since he first set up shop in 1982.  What a glorious year!  So, another fun and relatively accessible theme that people can dress to is 80s fashion.  Think scrunchies, shoulder pads, pastel colors, acid-wash denim jeans, preppy polo shirts, and power suits.  Don't forget the perms and mullets.  

As y'all can see, there are plenty of ways to that y'all can go that guests can relate to and then pull off.  If a guest shows up not wearing a festive outfit Milloy said, "I'd rather them show up and not dress up then not show up at all...  If a friend comes over and they're not feeling it, I am never going to force the theme on them."


While not required nor always expected, party favors are always a great way to show guests that y'all appreciate their attendance at y'all's party and for their presence in y'all's life in general.  

Some simple and inexpensive ideas involving Buc-ee's include stickers and bumper stickers so that guests can show that they're beaver believers as well as some Buc-ee's candy so that they can leave with a sweet taste in their mouths and souls. 

Have Fun

The final tip from the Life Kit podcast episode is to "make it easy for people to participate, but don't force it."  In other words, have fun.  Don't obligate y'all's guests to elaborate rules or expectations, and just as importantly, don't commit to such high standards that y'all don't have fun as well.

The point of any party is for everyone to have fun -- guests and hosts.  Further, as we've noted many times before, Buc-ee's is about having fun and not taking things too seriously.  Why else would the chain have so much food, puns, and gear?  

We here at Texas Snax want to help y'all party.  Plus, we would love to see how things go.  Please show us by posting photos and videos to social media and tag us.

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