How to Host a Buc-ee's BBQ

How to Host a Buc-ee's BBQ

Hosting a BBQ is one of many wonderful traditions.  Buc-ee's certainly knows that Texans love their delicious meat, parties, and hanging out with good friends.  That's why it offers a broad range of barbeque goods, and Texas Snax can ship y'all many of those Buc-ee's branded barbecue supplies.

Hosting a BBQ is a lot like throwing a theme party.  The two most important things are to think of the guests and then ensure that everyone (including the hosts) have a good time.  

Don't Do It All

An important thing to remember when hosting a BBQ, throwing a party, or planning another event is that y'all shouldn't do it all without any help.  With a little bit of notice and some specifics, most guests are more than willing to pitch into pull the event off.

Three of the best words in the English language are "bring your own."  This can come in many varieties.


First, there's BYOB -- bring your own beverages.  Alcohol can get expensive, especially when buying for a bunch of folk.  One easy way to defray costs and ensure that people have a favorite drink is to ask them to bring their own. 

This can also help with another drink-related issue.  Not everyone drinks alcohol.  There are many reasons why people don't, and ultimately, they're not drinking because they don't want to.  Period.  They owe no one anymore explanation.  A BYOB invitation can help out in such cases.  This way teetotalers will have more than water to drink in a way that doesn't cause much fuss.  However, as a host, it doesn't hurt to have some non-alcoholic drinks like soda and juices on hand just in case.

In regard to drinks, having some Buc-ee's koozies on hand to help keep those drinks cold is a good way to bolster a Buc-ee's theme.  Storing drinks and ice in a Buc-ee's cooler will also help.


Second, bring your own meat invitations aren't unheard of.  Like drinks, this is another easy way to both defray costs and better ensure that people get the grub they crave.  

Additionally, just like accounting for teetotalers, not everyone eats meat.  Vegetarians and vegans are some of the coolest folks out there.  Thus, this is an easy way for people to adhere to their dietary preferences and/or restrictions without much fuss.  Plus, they may even bring a dish that will knock even the biggest carnivore's socks off!

If all goes well, people will share and bond even more.

When hosts ask people to bring their own meat, they typically provide a grill for their guests to use.  This is a time when having a portable tabletop grill is rather handy, and Texas Snax can ship y'all one.  One of these grills can add capacity to the grilling space so that more guests can cook their meat at the same time.  In fact, if y'all have one and are invited to a BBQ, offering to bring it will instantly make y'all a favorite guest.


Third, another common request for people to bring their own sides -- however, the intention in this case is for them to share these dishes.  This will certainly decrease the strain on y'all as hosts and give people conversation starters as they ask each other about their recipes.  While it is typically not necessary to assign specific dishes to guests, it is usually a good idea to assign guests to bring specific types of dishes -- desserts, salads, fruit, etc.

There are many other things that guests will likely be more than willing to bring if given some notice and a little direction.  Hosting a BBQ shouldn't be a solitary endeavor.

The Food

The grub is certainly a key element to a successful BBQ.  Further, as BBQ is in many cases now synonymous with picnic, there's more than the meat.  However, the meat certainly is the center of attention.

Texas Snax stocks a wide variety of Buc-ee's BBQ sauces and rubs.  They offer many different ways to spice up and enhance meats and side dishes.  Further, chips and salsa are very popular appetizers and side dishes at BBQs.  Texas Snax also stocks several different types of Buc-ee's salsa, and there are enough options to truly tickle every guest's tastebuds.  Don't forget Buc-ee's pickled goods; pickled veggies and eggs will zhuzh up dishes and hors d'oeuvres.

Putting out Buc-ee's snacks will also please guests.  Whether they're waiting for people to arrive, grilling to complete, or just something to munch on after the meal is done, they will keep people fed and happy.  In fact, y'all can even take some of the bestselling Beaver Nuggets and use them to make some Texas Key Lime Bars for desert.

Plates, Cups, & Napkins

When hosting a Buc-ee's BBQ, no ordinary tableware will do. 

Flimsy plates or utensils will not cut it as Buc-ee takes food seriously.  Further, the best grilled hamburgers make a mess, and if y'all don't need several napkins when eating corn on the cobb, y'all are doing something wrong. 

For those who really want to amp up the beaver believer theme, Texas Snax also stocks Buc-ee's party supplies -- including branded plates, cups, napkins, and even cupcake liners.  Y'all will impress every single guest.

Have Fun

There's plenty of other ways to really emphasize the Buc-ee's theme of a BBQ.  For instance, as the host y'all can wear a Buc-ee's shirt and hat and ask any guest who has one to wear them as well.  

The most important thing is to have fun -- otherwise, why host or attend a BBQ?  Well, we have no doubt that y'all will have epic BBQs.  Please take pictures and videos and share them with us via social media.  We would love to see all the fun y'all are up to!

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