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Buc-ee's Favorites: Kolaches and Klobasniky

Image of kolaches courtesy WikiCommons user Chmee2

Among the common favorites of Buc-ee's customers are the Tex-Czech pastries kolaches and klobasniky (plural for klobasnek) -- and for good reason (image of kolaches courtesy of WikiCommons user Chmee2).

First off, it's important to note that people from many different places have settled in Texas.  Among them are Czech immigrants who understood the great appeal of Texas a long time ago and made their way to heaven.  They tended to cluster in Central Texas in the 1880s.

Second, it's important to note that the term kolache is not always used technically correct.  For most people, kolaches are pastries that are sweet or savory.  However, that's not the case, and back in its September 2018 issue Texas Monthly explains: "If It's Not Sweet, It's Not a Kolache—It's a Klobasnek."

Buc-ee's sells both, and unfortunately, they're not really suited for shipping.  If we could, we would.  We hope that y'all understand.

These pastries have been around a long time as they have been passed down from generation to generation.  Further, as time proceeds and recipes and traditions travel geographically, things like kolaches and klobasniky evolve. 

In fact, this beloved pastry was predominately sweet, until people decided to make some savory options with meat like sausage, bacon, or brisket.  Further, as reported by Texas Monthly, some think that the klobasnek arose out of Texas -- not the Czechoslovakian region.  Places sell these pastries with mac n' cheese, sausage and gravy, and kiwi fruit.  Some include jalapeños.  So, perhaps Buc-ee's Candied Jalapeños, which we can send to y'all, may make a great addition if y'all make your own.

Although Czech immigrants settled in other parts of the United States, Texas has a very central place in the kolache universe.  Many Texans of Czech descent have migrated to other parts of the country, and they have generously decided to share their beloved culinary heritage with others.  There are kolache and klobasnek centric shops in places like New York City, Oregon, and Utah.  That's why it makes perfect sense that Buc-ee added it to his offerings.

Although we make a living reselling Buc-ee's merch and treats, we don't mind if all y'all make a pilgrimage once in a while to enjoy the bits of heaven we can't ship to your doorstep.  Until then, we can help sate those cravings.

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Howdy S Wunschel!

Unfortunately, we don’t know Buc-ee’s recipes. However, check out this Salt Lake Tribune article about some Texan siblings who make these Czech treats in Utah as a successful business. There are some Food Network videos embedded in it during which they explain how they make a few things that should help you out when using other recipes. Best of luck!


Texas Snax Blogger

Do you have a recipe for the rolls for kolache that I can get please.

S Wunschel

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