CBS Sunday Morning Checks Out Buc-ee's

CBS Sunday Morning Checks Out Buc-ee's

CBS Sunday Morning focuses on the good things in life -- the arts, leisure, nature, and Buc-ee's.  Back in January 2022, it finally checked an essential box within its focus as a long running TV program.

Luke Burbank was the lucky correspondent to get the assignment.  We have no doubt that it was a coveted one.  Why didn't Jane Pauley pull rank as host to head to Texas?  

Burbank and his crew covered the major aspects of all things Buc-ee's.  There's nothing in this report that will surprise Texas Snax customers.  Highlights from the report include: road tripper cult following, Buc-ee's mascot backstory, the massive size of the travel center locations (41 one of them as of press), world record sized gas station and car wash, beef jerky selection, quirky merchandise, spotless potties (fun fact: Buc-ee's co-founder Arch "Beaver" Aplin III designed them himself) with associated potty humor billboards and bumper stickers, freshly prepared BBQ meat at the center of each travel center, and highly paid frontline employees.

Burbank even snagged an interview with Randy Pauly; he's Buc-ee's Director of Bar-B-Que Operations and Texas Round Up.  He joined in 2017.  Pauly only had to win the World Barbecue Champion title eight times to qualify for the gig.  Buc-ee's takes its barbeque seriously. 

Alpin also mentioned to Burbank that he and his camera shy co-founder, Don Wasek, still own 100% of the company.  No investors.  No board of directors.  Alpin mentions that this enables them to not worry about suggestions of trying to cut costs.  Good thing.  He has great employees to compensate well and a mission to unapologetically represent the best state ever, Texas.

Although there wasn't much news to us as beaver believers and fans, there was one thing that did catch our attention and excited us.  Burbank mentioned that the chain has recently started to expand beyond the Lone Star State into other other states in the south like Alabama, Florida, and Georgia -- with Colorado now on the expansion list.  He added that Alpin wants the chain to grow even more.  Burbank likely didn't get any specific details, but we're excited.  

So, with the excellent news that Buc-ee's is taking over the world, help the company know where it's wanted.  All y'all can leave a comment on our "Where should Buc-ee's go next?" blog post so that Alpin and his colleagues will have some important data for decision making and strategic planning.

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