Buc-ee's is headed to Colorado

Buc-ee's is headed to Colorado

Google Maps Featuring Johnstown, CO

We've been monitoring Buc-ee's growth -- including that outside of Texas. The recent expansion throughout the south certainly makes sense. However, we're a bit surprised that Colorado is getting a location this soon. To be clear, we're not complaining. Some of us Buc-ee's fans -- Texas residents, texpats, or not -- are understandably a little jealous though.

Back in December 2020 we asked: Where should Buc-ee's go next?  All y'all answered.  At the time Colorado wasn't mentioned in our unscientific poll.  Those Coloradoans are lucky!  Kevin commented on our blog post in February 2022 stating, "[W]hy there isn't any Buc-ee's in West Texas let alone El Paso. Yet they will be building in Colorado? Come-on build one in El Paso already."

Katherine Stahla at BizWest reports Johnstown, CO is getting a Buc-ee's travel center.  Even some of the folks of Wyoming won't have to travel too far for some Buc-ee's.  Stahla reports that, "The planned new Buc-ee's location along Interstate 25 and Weld County Road 48 could be among the largest in the franchise, and in the world. Preliminary documents for the convenience store and gas station, set to open in 2024, list plans for 120 fuel pumps, 596 parking spaces and a 74,000-square-foot building."

That's one big store, and that's how Buc-ee rolls. 

We here at Texas Snax are thrilled that Buc-ee's is expanding beyond the Lone Star State; we feel this way even though it goes against our business model.  Heck.  Perhaps transforming from a reselling by shipping mode to a delivery mode would be great for business.  The DoorDashes and Grubhubs of the world are doing pretty well, right?  Either way, Buc-ee's too great of a thing for Texas to keep to itself.  While we sympathize with Dallas Morning News' Sarah Blaskovich that "Buc-ee's was our weird, giant gas station with the cartoon character we don't completely understand," just because everything is bigger in Texas doesn't mean that we shouldn't share.

We're hoping for more Buc-ee's travel centers throughout more of Texas (like West Texas; many folks of have been asking for a El Paso travel center) and the United States.  Until one opens up near y'all, Texas Snax is here to ship whatever we can to y'all's doorsteps.

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