Buc-ee's Continues Its Expansion in Alabama

Buc-ee's Continues Its Expansion in Alabama

Last Wednesday, Buc-ee's broke ground on its new travel center in Athens, Alabama.  The folks at Huntsville, Alabama FOX affiliate WZDX channel 54 are certainly excited, which certainly says something about the power and draw of Buc-ee's as the location won't open until late 2022.  That's a long time to wait!

We here at Texas Snax are certainly under the spell as well.  Heck.  We've built a business around reselling some of Buc-ee's favorites since we're well aware of that there are many beaver believers spread all over, and most of us don't live in east Texas nor in other parts of the South.

Fortunately, Huntsville area residents will have more than just an ordinary Buc-ee's to enjoy.  WZDX reports that it'll be a whooping 60,000 square feet and have over 100 gas pumps and immaculate bathrooms that the chain is known for.  The travel center will have around 200 employees, which is plenty to keep those bathrooms clean as well as to help customers fulfill their desires. 

"In addition to fantastic food, great clean bathrooms, plenty of gas pumps with cheap gas, we're going to bring our friendly attitudes, and our customers will have a great experience," Buc-ee's General Council Jeff Nadalo told WZDX.

Don't live near a Buc-ee's or a future location?  Well, while a roadtrip is certainly worth it to one of the locations, it's not that practical to do that often.  Fortunately, we here at Texas Snax are trying our darndest to keep y'all happy.  Browser our site and let us ship something to y'all or someone special in y'all's life.

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