Another Buc-ee's Perk: Cheap Gas

We all love Buc-ee's for so many reasons including: pristine bathrooms, jerky, the company's cheeky sense of humor, brisket worth risking it for, and all sorts of merchandise.  However, there's another great perk of having a Buc-ee's travel center near y'all -- cheap gas.  Floridians are learning that now.

Buc-ee's is truly there for motorists regardless if they are commuters, joyriders, road trippers, or bikers.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, our favorite beaver has sparked a gas price war with neighboring gas stations.  While its not uncommon for a new gas station in town to temporarily offer low gas prices to attract clientele, Buc-ee's is known for maintaining them.  Its competitors along LPGA Boulevard (crazy Buc-ee's themed golf pants anyone?) have to match their new neighbor for the long haul. 

So, how does Buc-ee do it?  Apparently, it's the same sort of situation like national membership big box warehouse chains and national grocery store chains.  Since they offer many other services and goods, they're not as reliant upon gasoline revenue for their overall financial wellbeing.  In fact, they can offer fuel as a loss leader -- a cheap offering that attracts customers who then stay and buy other stuff that have higher profit margins. 

Chicago-based analyst Patrick DeHaan told the News-Journal that, in comparison to those membership-based big box warehouse retailers, "The difference for Buc-ee's is that it does not charge a membership fee which makes it more accessible to anyone. You offer something for a handout-price and Buc-ee's gets rewarded when people go in to buy beef jerky or other goods. It's a winning combination."

Pretty cool.  For those of y'all who are lucky enough to live near a Buc-ee's, enjoy that good fortunate for the rest of us.  Unfortunately, we here at Texas Snax can't resell gasoline, but we can resell y'all a little bit of heaven.  We'll even plop it on your doorstep or in your mailbox.

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of all the times that i have filled up, i have never seen a tanker on the premises refueling .


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