Homemade Buc-ee's Granola

Homemade Buc-ee's Granola

Texas Snax works hard to make sure that all y'all don't have to live near a Buc-ee's in order to enjoy Buc-ee's, and here's another way y'all can achieve that -- making some homemade granola.  We're certainly happy to ship y'all some Buc-ee's granola bites, but why stop there?

Granola Basics

According to Meghan Splawn at The Kitchn, "Basic (but very good) granola requires just a handful of ingredients: oats, a sweetener, some oil, and maybe nuts or dried fruit. Once you master that basic formula, it’s easy to customize a mix for your own preferences."

While y'all will need to procure the oats and oil, Texas Snax can help with the sweetener, nuts, and dried fruit.


Preserves can serve as a granola sweetener.  For instance, Haley of the Cheap Recipe Blog has an Orange Marmalade Granola.  Texas Snax has a variety of Buc-ee's jams and jellies -- including the Buc-ee's Orange Marmalade

Many of these will help y'all infuse some beaver believing into any homemade snack.  There are so many options for various palates.

Nuts & Dried Fruits

Texas Snax also has a variety of Buc-ee's nuts and dried fruits.  In many cases, some of the work of infusing desired flavors like cinnamon, butter toffee, honey, and even piña colada has already been accomplished for y'all.  There's also Buc-ee's dried mango slices that are perfect for such a sweet and savory snack.

The Surprise Element

Nothing is stopping y'all from adding some pizazz to y'all's homemade granola.  For instance, we're sure that young kids would get a kick out of granola with some Buc-ee's Cosmic Pops.  Don't forget the potential of adding some Beaver Nuggets that will thrill young and old alike.


Infusing some Buc-ee's flavor and fandom into homemade granola is an easy way to believe in the beaver no matter where y'all are at.  There are innumerable ways to make granola; the two recipes linked to above are just some examples.

Homemade granola will make a great snack for a party, BBQ, picnic, campout, or bag lunch.  If y'all make some, please share pictures and videos with us via social media.

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