Popular YouTuber Mike Chen Eats Buc-ee's Food All Day

Popular YouTuber Mike Chen Eats Buc-ee's Food All Day

Mike Chen is a popular food YouTuber.  Recently, he relocated from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest to a Dallas suburb.  Apparently, some of his approximately 3.8 million subscribers noticed.  After he announced his move to Texas, his inbox was flooded with messages stating that he had to check out Buc-ee's.  He was intrigued and ventured down to the New Braunfels travel center near San Antonio likely since it's the largest one.

Chen decided to do what many other YouTubers and civilians alike have done.  He decided to eat a full day of meals and snacks at Buc-ee's.  The fun part is that he did what all of us would like to do but don't; he bought a bunch of items per meal -- a Texas-size sample platter. 

Either way, he quickly realized why so many people urged him to visit.  Tasting the breakfast tacos and burritos, meat-filled sandwiches, Pickled Quail Eggs, roasted nuts, and desserts like pudding convinced him that he had found his favorite gas station.

It's important to note that he was overwhelmed when he first entered the travel center.  That's ok; everyone reacts the same way.  He faces the same challenge that so many of us have -- categorizing what Buc-ee's is.  Is it a gas station?  Is it Heaven?  The answer is: yes (to all the above).

Don't worry.  He noticed the clean bathrooms, plentiful gas pumps, table top grills, and the many other things that make Buc-ee's so wonderful.

In fact, Chen even got a new motto out of his trip: "In Buc-ee's Kitchen I Trust"(IBKIT).  He asserts that this gas station food is better than food served by restaurants elsewhere.  "That beaver can cook!," he said then tried a play on words, "It's dam good" (you know... beavers build dams).

We couldn't say it better.

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