Paste Magazine Tried To Complain About Buc-ee's But Praised It Instead

Paste Magazine Tried To Complain About Buc-ee's But Praised It Instead

March 2022 Paste Magazine Article about Buc-ee's

Paste magazine is one of those publications that the cool kids read.  There's a reason why it was named dropped by Fred and Carrie on Portlandia.  The magazine is so hip that it has to be part of a major parody about and for cool kids.

Back in early March 2022, senior editor Garrett Martin declared that "Buc-ee's Is Too Damn Big."  What a compliment!  For any Texas institution, that's high praise indeed.  Either way, Martin's main premise appeared to be that Buc-ee's is way big, and the size is perhaps the "big" attraction (pun intended) that draws crazy big crowds.  However, Buc-ee's pristine potties are worth braving the craziness.

Despite that apparent intention, Martin spends a lot of the article proclaiming all of the great things that Buc-ee's offers in addition to immaculate, spacious, and private restrooms.  Martin wonders if the travel centers are gas stations, department stores, or tourist destinations.  The answer is all of the above (and more).  However, given the cavernous size and well stocked shelves, Martin suggests another purpose: "The far wall of the store comprises a small bunker of coolers stocked with soda, beer, and other drinks; if central Georgia somehow came under attack, I’m pretty sure I’d feel safer hunkering down in there than I would any local bomb shelters."

The article also highlights an element of the Buc-ee's brand that differentiates the chain from many of its competitors.  It makes and sells a lot of Buc-ee's favorite snacks that it makes under its brand name.  Beaver Nuggets clearly got an unsurprising nod, and the article also spot lit the dark chocolate peanut butter Overbite, which Martin describes as "this thick little treat, in the shape of the face of Buc-ee himself, coats an ample helping of peanut butter inside a variety of chocolate, from milk to dark to white."  Granted, y'all will pay a bit more for Buc-ee's version of common snacks, but its worth the higher quality.  Fortunately, Texas Snax is here to make sure that all y'all can get your hands on these scrumptious goodies -- especially for those of y'all who aren't near one of the stores.

When we first saw this headline, we knew that it would end up praising Buc-ee's far more than it would attempt to take it down.  We were correct.  It was further validating to read the article's final sentences that was full of praise: "The mascot's cute, though. I'd give Buc-ee himself a hug and a friendly pat on the head if I ever met him. And that's something I can't say about any of those other gas station chains."

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