College Football Team's Semi-Truck Almost Impounded at Buc-ee's

College Football Team's Semi-Truck Almost Impounded at Buc-ee's

Phew!  It was apparently touch and go there last Thursday.  A college football team's semi-truck almost got impounded in a Dallas/Forth Worth area Buc-ee's parking lot.

Hal Morrell and Fili Taufa are among the Player Experience & Equipment Operations folks for Brigham Young University's college football team.  Last week, according to BYU's student newspaper, The Daily Universe, they road tripped from Provo, UT to Waco, TX in the team's semi-truck since the BYU Cougars played the Baylor Bears last Saturday.  Depending upon y'all's collegiate allegiance, here's a trigger warning.  Baylor won.

Morell was especially excited for this trip since he was able to swing by the Dallas/Forth Worth area to see all six of his grandkids.  As great as family and college football are, we all know that the main reason why Morell and Taufa embarked on this trip was to snag some Beaver Nuggets, other delicious snacks, and all sorts of merchandise at Buc-ee's.

The folks at BYU-focused SB Nation site, Vanquished the Foe, seconded that when they reported that Cougar fan Jesi Fiso advised fellow fans traveling to Waco for the game to visit our favorite spot.  She stated: "Buc-ee's is a must see Texas attraction. Don't miss out on the Beaver Nuggets, their kolaches and Buc-ee's candy."

However, that's what got Morell and Taufa into trouble. 

As we've blogged about before, Buc-ee's doesn't allow semi-trucks.  Truckers need clean bathrooms, too!  Plus, there's nothing wrong with truck stops.  Fortunately, Morell and his six grandkids were able to avoid disaster.  They must've risked it for the brisket!

Until your college football team plays near a Buc-ee's, Texas Snax is here to help.  We'll ship y'all Buc-ee's grub and merch to hold y'all over until then.  Don't worry, any semi-truck involved will avoid impounding.

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