Buc-ee's Salsa

Buc-ee's Salsa

Everyone loves salsa.  Some like it hot.  Others don't.  Good thing that Buc-ee's salsa comes in a lot of different flavors and heat levels, and that's important as chips and salsa make a great combo.

Bobby from Illinois is providing an invaluable service to humankind; he reviews salsas on his Some Like It Hot YouTube channel.  We really appreciate it.  Although we love salsa, there's so many different options out there, and he's trying to help us focus on only truly good and delicious options.

Back on New Years Eve 2021, he reviewed Buc-ee's Serrano Pepper Salsa, which has a medium heat.  He even wore a Buc-ee's shirt.  We won't keep y'all in suspense.  He really liked it.

He describes the Serrano Pepper Salsa as thick but not chunky.  It has a good consistency and smells delicious since its spices are on point.  In regard to the heat, he feels that it is on the low end of the medium range, which he describes as "perfect."  As a mainstream reference point, he feels that this salsa mirrors classic Pace or Tostitos salsas, but he feels that Buc-ee's version is superior.  Bobby would definitely buy it again, but as he's in Illinois, he's not near a store.  In fact, he gave a shout out to his sister for grabbing him this jar when she was in Texas.

Bobby said that if y'all are near a Buc-ee's that y'all should get this salsa over the more mainstream options that are sold in grocery and big box stores.  He even feels that it is worth paying more for.

At the time he doesn't seem aware of Texas Snax, which can solve problems for him and a whole lot more folks.  Since the vast majority of folks don't live near a Buc-ee's, we're here to buy grub and merch so that we can ship it to y'all.  So, when y'all have a craving for good salsa, we're here so that you can procure some for yourselves. 

However, we recommend that y'all buy some in advance so that y'all are ready to sate those cravings, which come unexpectedly.  Be prepared.

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