The Texas Flag Running Shorts Conundrum

The Texas Flag Running Shorts Conundrum

Screenshot of Texas Monthly article "I Wish I Could Wear Texas Flag Running Shorts"

Texas Monthly's Jennifer Stewart is just like the rest of us.  For better or for worse (and regardless if we would like to admit it or not), we're all very conscious about how we cloth ourselves.  That's understandable as what we wear quickly says a lot about ourselves.

Back in July, Stewart proved that she's brave enough to admit it.  She wrote a reflective article about whether or not she, as an avid runner, should wear Texas flag running shorts.  This is rather important topic since pride is on the table; plus, there's the example of Lone Star legend Willie Nelson who donned a spiffy pair of Texas flag running shorts in the 1980s.  There are a few important factors that she explains.  We'll focus on three major ones.

First, assuming she concludes that she should wear Texas flag running shorts, where can she get some quality pairs?  Unfortunately, Buc-ee's didn't make the list of places.  Even noting all of Buc-ee's greatness, serious runners tend to consult running shops.  If it helps them feel any better, Stewart didn't even consult general sporting good shops.  Since all y'all's humble Texas Snax blogger is a runner himself, he understands.  Trust me.  This is no slight.

Fortunately, Texas Snax has plenty of Texas themed clothes.  We're big tent kind of folks.  While we think runners are great (well, duh!), we're here for all sorts of folks -- runners or not.

Second, there's the extremely relatable question: "Can I pull these off?"  Believe me.  Even fellas ask themselves that; the ladies are just more frequently called out on this human behavior. 

As with many exercise and athletic pursuits, activity-specific apparel certainly can seem intimidating.  When it comes to running, the pros sometimes wear rather short shorts.  Even the guys can reveal a lot of skin.  Heck.  Some aficionados -- regardless of gender -- like to wear tight form fitting clothes as well.  So, even a long time runner, can get caught up in some serious self reflection.

The third factor relates to the pattern on the clothing.  In Stewart's case, she's considering the Texas flag.  Stewart is well aware that Texas is a big place full of all sorts of characters with a wide range of passions.  Despite what some prominent people and forces want others to think, Texans are certainly not a monolith.  As much as these people and forces try, Texans will refuse to conform to one narrow mold; individuality is valued and celebrated in the Lone Star State.  Texas pride reflects that.  While Old West towns aren't big enough for two feuding fellas, Texas is more than big enough for all sorts of folks.  Thus, as excited and aggravated as her home state can make her, she won't let what grates her overshadow her profound love of home. 

Given this, while she opted for a Texas flag visor instead of running shorts after considering all three of these factors, she proclaims: "I'm determined that our flag should remain a symbol of pride for all Texans."

We couldn't agree more.  Texas Snax believes strongly that everyone can enjoy Texas greatness.  That's why we're more than happy ship a bit of Texas kitsch all y'all's way.  Just give us a holler.

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