Texan Pride

Texan Pride

Texans are known for exhibiting their pride of Texas, the Lone Star State.  We honestly aren't trying to rub in all y'all's faces how great we are; we're just so excited to share what we've got.

Back in June 2017, Voice of America shared a video about this very Texas pride titled, "What's So Great About Texas?"  VOA is an agency of the United States federal government that aims to present America and its point of view to the rest of the world.  Thus, explaining Texas and why its residents are so excited about their state is an essential part of that mission.

One of the great things about this video is that the film crew went to Houston, which VOA reports is "the nation's most diverse city."  They interviewed a variety of Texans that clearly are from a variety of backgrounds.  Some seem like immigrants while others are native.  When some people think of Texans, they think white people -- especially cowboys.  However, with a state of its geographic and population size, there are all sorts of Texans.

Regardless of who the interviewee is, they're very proud to call Texas home.  A common reason the interviewees gave is that they feel free to live authentically.  They are unique individuals who feel that they can present their true selves to others and society at large in Texas.  Further, one woman mentioned that in other parts of the United States, it isn't that easy to go speak with strangers on the street.  However, in the Lone Star State, more people are willing to strike up a friendly conversation (just be mindful of safety 😉).

As all y'all can clearly see, Texas is full of all sorts of people living their authentic lives.  There are certainly a lot of strong passions, but it is a big enough state to house them all -- despite what political partisans throughout the spectrum want all y'all to think.  Good thing that we have Buc-ee's and H-E-B to unite Texans.  It may seem silly for people to devote themselves to a gas station and grocery store, but with so many strong passions and large personalities, it certainly is nice to have something neutral to unite around.

Oh yeah...  One fella mentioned that a big reason for Texan pride is barbeque.  We couldn't agree more about barbecue.  In fact, just like Texas, we need to acknowledge the three top ways to spell BBQ; we here at Texas Snax aim to appeal to all Texans, texpats, and Texan fans no matter where they're at or how they spell the sacred name of cooking meats and preparing the many delicious side dishes to accompany them.

Regardless of who y'all are, we have plenty of Texas bestsellers for all y'all to choose from.  We're here to help spread the joy of Texas!

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