The Do's and Don'ts of Buc-ee's

Mark and Jocelyn are parents who are committed to showing their two kids the world.  They also want to take us along and have some YouTube accounts to share their adventures with all of those who also have wanderlust.  They've been all over the world, but they don't miss out on the good stuff closer to home.  When we say the good stuff, we mean Buc-ee's.

Mark starts us off with a video about our favorite place in the world, with his "Don't of [fill in the blank]" format.  Check it out. 

  • Don't call it a truck stop.  It's like if the most Texas-est Target and the Texas-est gas station met and had a baby.
  • Don't skip the potty.  They're all spotlessly clean.  Jocelyn even held it for two hours on their trip so that she could use the bathrooms at Buc-ee's.
  • Don't worry about missing out on getting Texas souvenirs, knicknacks, and tchotchkes.  Buc-ee's got your back.  Texas Snax does, too.
  • Don't feel weird about getting a gas station lunch.
  • Don't get lost looking for jerky.  There's so much.  Take a phone so that you can call if you need directions in the jerky section.
  • Don't forget the Beaver Nuggets.  They're sweetened golden puffed bits of heaven.
  • Don't expect all the Buc-ee's to be mega malls.  Although some are more gas station-size, they're not small by any means.
  • Don't miss a photo op with Buc-ee himself.  His statue is at each store, but he might show up in person as well.
  • Don't forget to fill up your gas -- there are plenty of pumps.

Now let's focus on the food, and Jocelyn takes over.  Jocelyn's disclaimer: This is not an exclusive list.  

  • Beaver Nuggets is fun to say, but there are several flavors like white cheddar.
  • The brisket sandwich is not like any ol' gas station food.  It’s truly worth risking it for.
  • There are insanely good cinnamon rolls in the bakery.  Don't forget the Tex-Czech delight -- kolaches.
  • For the more health oriented folks (boring), there are fresh salads, veggies, and fruit in the stores, too.
  • Get the fountain sodas.  They're pretty big and cheap.  Dr. Pepper and Big Red are Texas favorites.  Buc-ee even has his own line.
  • Jerky.  Again!  There is plenty of bagged jerky to select and order from Texas Snax, but there's plenty of fresh stuff in the stores.

They do a good job of the impossible -- describing how awesome Buc-ee's is.  Can we tag along sometime?

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Keep it up. I love Bucees!!!! It is the highlight of my yearly driving trip to see family and the best one I have found so far it in or close to Houston. Have you tried their fresh chips? I have to get those every time and now thanks to you I want a brisket sandwich and will get one in the next few weeks.

Birgitt Noble

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