The Best Buc-ee's TV Commercial

The Best Buc-ee's TV Commercial

As y'all can tell we're big Buc-ee's fans -- so much so that we set up a business to resell and ship merch and treats to fans throughout the country and world.  Clearly, we're not the only ones.  Thanks for coming to us with your cravings.

Another superfan, Ross Childs, has produced what's arguably the best Buc-ee's TV commercial ever.  Check it out on Ross's TikTok page for a "pit stop that cannot be topped."   According to Stryker at 106.3 The Buzz in Wichita Falls, TX Ross filmed this at the Katy store west of Houston -- you know, the one with the longest car wash in the world.

Big Plush Buc-ee

We love it.  You'll see why he describes himself in his TikTok profile as: "I'm a baked potato loaded with C4 & cholesterol."  One of the best parts about it is that it's in the urgent and hilarious style that mimics those ads you find during late night TV, on one of those digital channels with old shows, or intermixed with infomercials.  However, Buc-ee's is certainly more beloved and well known than what's peddled by these types of ads (not that there's anything wrong with those companies and products).  By choosing this style, Ross is showing love and respect as a beaver believer and fan.  It's clearly not meant to mock.

During the ad Ross constantly jumps from different items and places and zooms in on the item or the store feature.  He further comes up with new names and pronunciations of some of Buc-ee's most popular items like Candied Jalapeños, hats, jerky, and its immaculately clean toilets.  Plus, there's stuffed Buc-ees of all sizes.

He also calls Beaver Nuggets "Heaven Balls."  Ross is certainly correct.  These treats are a bestseller that all y'all and others cannot resist.  Clearly, Ross can't; we can't.

There are other fun things he features that make this more than your ordinary convenience store or gas station.  Everything from Texas merchandise, kitschy knick knacks and trinkets, and used tires are lovingly included in this spot.   If you're craving an experience and not just merch and treats, this video will certainly help you sate your desire for a truly Texan experience.

He also features the various BBQ grills for sale at the various stores.  Those are rather big and would seem silly to ship.  However, use the contact form linked to in the footer of the Texas Snax site to reach out to us.  We certainly could arrange something, but you might get a better deal (shipping-wise) closer to home.   However, no one sells grills better than Buc-ee.

We hope that you enjoy this ad as much as we do.  Ross clearly spent a lot of time on it, and we want to help make his effort worth his time.

Ice.  Ice.  Buc-ee.

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