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Candied Jalapenos

Candied Jalapenos

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Some like it hot the saying goes, and many like it sweet as well.  These Candied Jalapeños will make both crowds happy and beyond.  It's been said that they're cowboy candy, and that's high praise from a discerning group. 

  • Sweet, spicy, and savory "cowboy candy" perfect for topping sandwiches and to add to other dishes
  • Buc-ee's braved preparing the jalapeños so you can focus on eating them
  • Perfect pantry addition and/or gift for any foodie
  • Great ingredient to bring an unexpected flair to even the most boring food
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds 

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We ship every day, Monday through Friday from Dallas, TX -- except for holidays.

Once your order ships it usually arrives in 1-4 business days. It takes longer the further from Texas you are. So come back to Texas!

We pack with care, love and a add a bit of Texas charm.

We don't do returns because that would be gross.

Buc-ee's Disclaimer

You purchase Candied Jalapenos at retail value from a local Buc-ee's store and we ship directly to you! We are not Buc-ee's nor are we affiliated with them.

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