Texans of Texas

Texans of Texas

Texas is a big place.  Such a big place has room for all sorts of folks, and the Texas State Government is proud of that.

Back in 2021, Texas.gov published the Texans of Texas video to highlight just a few of the different sorts of people who thrive in the state.  The site states: "Texans of Texas honors the people and stories that shape our state's unique culture. We traveled from Dallas to Dripping Springs, Marfa to El Paso to find a diverse group of people who are proud to call themselves Texans."

This video and its associated webpage highlight business people -- small business owners and entrepreneurs to be exact.

Jasmin Brand, CEO of Publisher Launch DFW, says: "Texas is number one for female entrepreneurs. It is the place to go if you want to start a business and grow. Big things are happening here."

Sidharth Srinivasan, like Brand, is an entrepreneur.  As a student he co-founded and is the CEO of a company named Trashbots, which aims to make coding and robotics assessable to more types of K-12 students.  Srinivasan says: "Texas is just such a melting pot... There's just people from all over. And that really gives me a perspective of different cultures. I'm just more culturally aware."

As a Texas based and oriented company that is focused on reselling Buc-ee's favorites, Texas Snax is well aware that Texas is a big tent kind of place.  Why else would Buc-ee's build such large travel centers?  It's good to fit a lot of people and merchandise to keep all of them coming back.

This video shares the same message that Voice of America did back in June 2017 with its video titled  "What's So Great About Texas?"  Perhaps what makes Texas so great -- and at times bewildering and intimidating to others -- is that so many different types of folks are passionate about their home.  That at times leads some high profile people to try to claim that most Texans fit a certain mold, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

A common element among Texans is that they love individuality and living authentically.  That certainly can seem clamorous with so many folks, but that's the beauty of it.

Regardless if y'all reside in the Lone Star State or not, Texas Snax is here to help y'all show your pride in the Texas spirit.  We're trying our darndest to ship a little bit of Texas your way.  

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