The Grocery Store That Unites Us

The Grocery Store That Unites Us

The more and more Texas Snax plugs along, the more and more we realize that Buc-ee's and H-E-B have more in common than just being downright awesome, great Lone Star State symbols, and institutions in of themselves.

Back in December 2020 just after we set up shop, we argued (and we're right, of course) that Buc-ee's is the convenience store that unites us.  Texas is a big state in many ways, and diversity of all sorts comes with that.  We stated, "Buc-ee's embodies the Texas spirit.  It's a big place with all sorts of characters who contribute to its uniquely strong flair.  That's why it appeals to people from different tribes of all sorts."

H-E-B also exhibits this big tent philosophy in many ways.  For example, one of them is its Mixla corn and flour blend tortillas.  As Michael Hoinski tweeted back in January 2022, he's grateful that the grocery story embraces its "bipartisanship in the politics of tortillas."  Now, if they were better suited for shipping.  Sigh.  

Many people who aren't Texans or transplants to Texas understandably wonder why people get all worked up about and devoted to a gas station named Buc-ee's and a grocery store named H-E-B.  Well, we Texans certainly embrace our endearing quirks and devotion to the truth of the grandeur of our beloved state.  However, as mentioned above, that doesn't make us all the same.  Thus, in order to help embrace each other with all of our strong and differing passions, it helps to have things that we can all rally around.

Fortunately, our innate benevolence inspires us to proselytize about Texas; we acknowledge that at times this comes across as a bit strong or off-putting.  We're just so excited to share.  That's why we here at Texas Snax (a group of Texans, texpats, Texas transplants, and out of state Texas super fans) are doing our darndest to spread the good cheer of the Lone Star State. 

Give us a holler, and we'll ship Texas favorites to all y'all's doors or to those of y'all's loved ones and friends. 

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As someone who moved away from Texas to Alabama, and yes, I love my new home state, we watched with breathless anticipation as the Leeds Buc-ees was being built. Now if we could just talk to HEB about a store in Chelsea, Alabama.

Laura Mims

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