September is Self-care Awareness Month

September is Self-care Awareness Month

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Let's face it.  Times are tough.  First off, adulting is really, really hard all the time.  However, with a global pandemic still raging, crazy weather wrecking havoc, and the knowledge that the vast majority of humanity not living near a Buc-ee's nagging at our hearts, we all need a chance to step back and cope.  Fortunately, September is Self-care Awareness Month.

These days self-care isn't just trendy, it's accepted throughout much of society.  Thank goodness.  Further, as we've already acknowledged, the vast majority of all y'all out there don't live close to a Buc-ee's.  Texas Snax is here to help y'all out as we continue to confront stressful stuff -- pandemic or not.

One thing that many people claim brings them joy is a bag of Beaver Nuggets.  Y'all can't stop raving about these little bits of heaven.  For those of y'all who don't like sweets (gasp!), there are plenty of more savory options that come in the form of Nug-ees.  Flavors include: chile limón, sea salt caramel, and white cheddar.  Don't forget all of the creative uses of Beaver Nuggets; they'll keep y'all on your toes.

There are also comfy things that bring solace.  A very popular item at any Buc-ee's travel center is a stuffed Buc-ee.  Who doesn't want to have their favorite beaver available for a hug?  Growing up is overrated.  Plus, Trix are for kids.  Thus, many of us cling to our youth.  There's nothing wrong having a stuffed animal for comfort.  Remember, being childish is bad, but being childlike is for the cool kids.

So, regardless if a treat or a toy is y'all's preferred method of self-care, Texas Snax is here to help y'all observe this month.  Just holler, and we'll ship something right to y'all's doorstep -- even if it's not Self-care Awareness Month.

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