Another use for Beaver Nuggets

Another use for Beaver Nuggets

We've found a new use for Beaver Nuggets!  As we've mentioned in the past, people have found a few creative ways to consume these bits of heaven other than just popping them into their mouths to chew and swallow.

For instance, Bree told Texas Snax via Facebook that she makes Beaver Mix.  It is like Chex Mix, but she substitutes the Chex cereal with Beaver Nuggets.  This is intriguing as it takes a savory snack and adds some sweet.

Another popular alternative use is to use Beaver Nuggets as cereal by itself -- just add milk.  Some people describe the nuggets as a cross between Honey Smacks and Corn Pops cereals.  Thus, it is logical for people to take it to the next step and use the nuggets as cereal.  

Here's the new use.  Angelique Hinkle of Seabrook in the Houston metroplex is the person who discovered this novel idea.  She recently was baking key lime bars, and she typically crunches up graham crackers for the crust.  However, this time as she started making the recipe, she realized that she was out of the graham crackers.  Since she had Beaver Nuggets on hand she decided to try substituting them in.  Apparently, the experiment turned out well.  Hinkle shared the results on reddit, and she shared the recipe with MySA.

What's next for Hinkle?  She reports: "I really think the possibilities are endless. I'm considering ice cream next."

We can't wait.  Let us know how y'all use Beaver Nuggets in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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