Remember Foursquare?  Buc-ee's got rave reviews.

Remember Foursquare? Buc-ee's got rave reviews.

Buc-ee's Foursquare Page

Remember Foursquare? It was a very popular mobile app several years ago through which people could check in at various places. People could even compete to be a place's "mayor" or other such titles depending upon their activity.

It's not surprising that many people checked in at a Buc-ee's while using the app -- just check out the Buc-ee's Foursquare page.  No doubt that many people competed for a coveted mayorship of a Buc-ee's. 

The interesting thing is that this page focuses on the Madisonville, TX location just off I-45 to the northwest of College Station.  However, this seems very common for such apps and sites since it would seem rather overwhelming to have a page per store -- especially for a company with much more locations like a national grocery store, department store, or fast food joint.  Thus, we'll make the assumption that Foursquare users posted to this page for many other Buc-ee's locations.

So, what did people revel about?  

Back in May 2014 Katrina Winant left a popular review that stated:

A gazillion gas pumps and they all have diesel fuel! Cleanest restrooms, yummy food and everything you could possibly need in between. Always a must-visit when travelling between Houston and Dallas!

That summarizes it pretty well.  Back in July 2016 Vlad Davidiuk adds:

Always a must stop on the drive between Houston & Dallas. Gas, restrooms, iced tea, beef jerky & jalapeño cheddar popcorn are absolutely required. The place people actually look forward to stopping.

We're sold.  Let's stop right now!

One thing that is also great about this Foursquare page is how it categorizes Buc-ee's.  As we've noted before, Buc-ee's is a hard thing to pin down.  Of course, it classifies it as a convenience store and a gas station, but we like the third category: gift shop.  Brilliant!  What's a better present than something from Buc-ee's?

We here at Texas Snax understand that for many of y'all checking in at a Buc-ee's on Foursquare is tough.  Many of y'all don't live near one.  In fact, some of us share this same burden.  The struggle is real.  Either way, we're trying our darndest to help y'all out.  Check out our offerings that we'll resell and ship right to y'all's doorstep (or maybe someone else's).  We're here to help y'all give the best gifts in the whole darn world!

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