H-E-B, Toilet Paper, & Elon Musk

H-E-B, Toilet Paper, & Elon Musk

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Texas gained several famous residents.  One of them is Elon Musk, who among other things started and owns the space travel company SpaceX.  Whether you like him or not, he's a big deal.  Apparently, he moved into a "mini house" near the SpaceX Boca Chica Beach launch site in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Musk recently mentioned H-E-B during a January 26, 2022 analysts conference call about the fourth-quarter earnings of one of his other companies, Tesla.  Fun fact: A couple of Buc-ee's now have Tesla charging stations.

So, why did Musk mention H-E-B?  Well, it's awesome.  Duh.

Now that obvious is out of the way, we'll further contextualize the occurrence.  Apparently, during the analysts call supply chains came up since there have been many recent pandemic-related supply chain issues that have made it hard for consumers to find and purchase desired products.  

Back toward the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, toilet paper was a scarce item in many stores.  In fact, the Chronicle article reports that consumer products data firm NCSolutions found that during the peak of the shortage around March 23, 2020, approximately "70 percent of grocery and drug stores across [the US] were significantly out of stock for some part of the day."  That was certainly unnerving since toilet paper is an essential item, and further, it was an weird item for people to hoard.   

Musk was mystified when he heard about the toilet paper shortage.  So, he decided to do some sleuthing himself.  He stated, "I actually took my kids to the H-E-B and Walmart in Texas to just confirm that this was real...  Indeed it was."

Twitter user XRod5643 heard this and determined that it was safe to declare that new Lone Star State resident Musk "spends quality time in Texas" since he specifically mentioned H-E-B by name -- not just a generic grocery store.  We agree.

We here at Texas Snax may not offer toilet paper (at least as of this blog post's publication), but y'all don't have to visit a H-E-B like Musk did in order to have some quality Texas time.  Give us a holler, and we'll ship y'all some H-E-B favorites and Buc-ee's bestsellers so y'all can have some Texas quality time no matter where y'all are at.

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