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We know.  We get it.  It's April -- make that late April, and Halloween is at the end of October.  So, why are we discussing costumes now?  Well, for one, Halloween isn't the only time to dress up as something other than yourself.  For instance, there are costume parties year round, elementary school spirit days and weeks, theme birthday parties, holidays every day throughout the year, and numerous other reasons to dress up.

Fortunately, Texas Snax is here for y'all even if y'all don't live near a Buc-ee's.  Here are some ideas for all y'all festive peeps.

Holidays, y'all!

Buc-ee's Tie Dye Shirt

Tie Dye Day is April 30.  Soon!  What better way to observe this special day than sporting a tie dye shirt?  Good thing Buc-ee likes it, too.  For example, he has groovy threads like this shirt.

There's also Peanut Brittle Day on January 26, Potato Chip Day on March 14, and Gummi Bear Day on July 15.  It is also festive to eat some Candied Jalapeños during November since it is Pepper Month.

Frazzled Buc-ee's Customer

Back in 2016 Houston Chronicle writer Craig Hlavaty came up with several Halloween costume ideas for the modern Texan.  One of our favorite ideas of his is the one of a frazzled Buc-ee's customer; Hlavaty describes this as: "Lounge pants, Texans or Cowboys shirt, Crocs, six kids of varying ages, YETI or RTIC mug."

Y'all can pull this off by ordering various items from our apparel section with athleisure and numerous t-shirts.  Don't forget to grab a tumbler to put in that shopping cart.  We're sure your children, nieces, and nephews are more than willing to go to Buc-ee's.  We have little doubt that they'll happily run all over and beg to buy virtually everything to help y'all nail the frazzled part of the costume.

Formal School Dances

Remember those high schoolers who dressed up for prom and took their pictures at the Buc-ee's in Katy just to the west of Houston?  They certainly had a great idea.  Only in Texas, y'all, there are gas stations worthy of taking a significant part of a formal event like prom or homecoming.  Further, there's no reason not to dress up and head to heaven just because.

Tangent: Heck!  Why wait until y'all get to the country club to eat?  Grab some grub at Buc-ee's.  Are y'all going to get brisket worth risking it for at the dance?  Likely not.

Either way, these high schoolers bring something else to mind. There's that line from the 1995 Brady Bunch movie, "Put on your Sunday best, kids. We're going to Sears!"  We're not recommending donning a tux to Buc-ee's, but it's certainly worthy of the reverence.

Hit us up on the Texas Snax Facebook page with pictures and videos of y'all in Buc-ee's influenced costumes.

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