A Young Author Writes About Buc-ee's

A Young Author Writes About Buc-ee's

Take Me to Buc-ee's Please! by Alexia Tennent

Recently, we told y'all about how celebrated young adult book author Mary H.K. Choi wrote about Buc-ee's in her new book Yolk.  We just learned about another author who writes about her favorite store, which is as y'all guessed it -- Buc-ee's.

Alexia Tennent decided to write her book with a target audience that's younger or younger at heart than YA lit fare.  She teamed up with her mother, Toni, to write Take Me to Buc-ee's Please!  Alexia wrote about her love of Buc-ee and his store while Toni illustrated the book.  This is truly a mother-daughter duo.

This isn't this duo's only book.  They've also teamed up for Alexia's World: Thriving with Sickle Cell Disease and Alexia's World: My Mother Is Nuts!  It appears that Alexia has her hands full with her health, and as described by the latter book, "everyone knows she has a crazy Jamaican mother."  While we're sure Toni is an excellent mother, it certainly seems that Alexia lives life to the fullest by humorously dealing with her mother (as Will Smith famously said, "Parents just don't understand'') and winning at life. 

Seesh!  Sometimes it's a win if I (being an adult) get out of bed -- let alone conquer the world like Alexia.

It seems that Buc-ee helps her crush her challenges and enjoy everything else.  As the book states, "For her, a trip to Buc-ee's is more of a carnival experience than it is a convenience store one...In her mind, Buc-ee's is one of the best places on the planet."

She cites the wall of jerky, kolaches, brisket sandwiches, unique flavors of popcorn and pretzels, snacks, and -- of course -- squeaky clean bathrooms as some of the many reasons why she loves the place. 

We're always excited to meet Buc-ee's fans as enthused as us.  We can't wait to see what else Alexia and Toni do next.

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