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A Year of Texas Snax

Howdy, it's your humble* Texas Snax blogger here.  As a Texas born texpat who lives away from his beloved Lone State (sniff, sniff), one of the hardest things to do is to live without all of the Texan pride and quirkiness everywhere I go -- let alone explain that to those poor souls unfortunate enough to neither be born nor live in Texas.  

About a year ago, yours truly was in a video meeting with some work colleagues.  Then all of the sudden, his buddy who lives in Austin -- with whom he had already bonded over Buc-ee's with -- exclaimed that I could order Buc-ee's grub and merch online!  She was so excited as was I.  That's when she sent me a link to the Eater article about it.  After some more googling, I found other news outlets ranging from Texas Monthly to Star Telegram to Southern Living that were all confirming this glorious news of Texas Snax.

Either way, my excitement led me to reach out to the wonderful gents who started Texas Snax, and here we are now.

As all y'all might know, the folks behind this wonderful service own a ecommerce, shipping, and warehousing company named Send Eats specialized in shipping perishable items like food.  They, too, had friends and relatives who crave Buc-ee's but lack the close proximity to a store to sate their hankering.  Given their acumen and available resources, they decided to do something about it.  Thus, Texas Snax was born.

Now, it's very important to note that Texas Snax is not part of Buc-ee's -- nor is it affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by it in a way.  So, how did we pull this off especially since Buc-ee's corporate certainly knows about us?  We'll according to United States law, once you buy something, you can essentially do with it as you please.  That includes selling it to someone else.  So, that's what we do; we're resellers of Buc-ee's grub and merch.  Well, more importantly, as big Buc-ee's fans, we're true beaver believers. 

Either way, we're grateful that Buc-ee's general counsel Jeff Nadalo told Texas Monthly magazine that, "We are glad to see that our prices are so good that customers are willing to pay a premium for direct delivery...  It appears [Texas Snax] has found a niche reselling Buc-ee's wonderful food, unique children’s toys, and creative apparel."

It's been a whirlwind year.  Ha!  It goes without saying that in this specific case we're not referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, which certainly is nutso.  However, we've found that doing our darndest to bring the joy and wonder of Buc-ee's to people spread out geographically has made it all worth the hustle and bustle.

We're sincerely chuffed that all y'all have joined us on this journey.  For instance, through this blog, we've learned together about all sorts of fun stuff.  There are those people who incorporate Buc-ee's into their proms, birthday parties, and even marriage proposals.  Back in June 2018 a dude made a 1,600 mile road trip just to visit every store at the time.  Many YouTube vloggers have gushed about the glories of this beloved gas station, which we assert is warranted.  We've read about a baker rapidly scrambling to find a substitute for graham crackers to make a crust for her key lime bars.  Turns out that Beaver Nuggets do swell at that as well as for being a cereal and putting a fun twist on Chex Mix.  Then there's the guy and his foundry who make those statues.  Let's not forget the authors who write about Buc-ee's in their books.  As beaver believers, we're in good company with the likes of Joe Rogan, Mary H.K. Choi, and Shaq.  We've gleefully followed news of Buc-ee's expansion beyond Texas and are holding out hope for an announcement someday of a new location near us.  Our fingers and toes are crossed.  There's so much more we've learned.

Here's to another wonderful year.  We're excited to continue shipping joy all y'all's way.  What's next?  Remember to stay tuned to this site and to the Texas Snax Facebook page so we can find out together.

Finally, as your humble blogger, let me share one of my favorite bits of joy from this past year -- a video tribute to Buc-ee's by TikTok user Ross Childs, a "pit stop that cannot be topped."  It's only second to my real favorite part of this past year -- all y'all.  Honest. 

Ice. Ice. Buc-ee.  Y'all!

*That's the lowercase version with a h sound -- not the uppercase version with a silent h that's the suburb who's name is pronounced "Umble" and to the northeast of Houston.

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